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Ilocos 2016 Photodump, Day 1

Hello! Almost a month ago since my Ilocos trip with my lovely med friends. I usually always do a summer or trip vlog at the end of it, but this time I can't promise one due to some circumstances. Huhu. This saddens me too, I know. So instead, I'm just gonna throw a photo-dump of the trip!

This Ilocos trip was supposed to be last sembreak pa but our schedule got messed up plus there was a typhoon there also, obviously the trip was postponed. Then one day I saw a 2999 trip to Ilocos on facebook. Messaged Arvinjay about it and he contacted them. And we ended up agreeing to the tour and decided to book a date before the clerkship starts.

Here comes April 1, the night where we met up at Mezza at 9pm. Our driver got stucked on traffic (what's new though) so he arrived around 10pm. Then off we go!

Arrived Ilocos around 7am. Had breakfast at Hidden Garden. What I had was tapsilog with coffee for P150.

They had loads of different kinds of plants and flowers. Including this one which looks like a Mandrake from Harry Potter. It does, right? Thank god no one pulled it coz nobody wants to hear it cry :))

After breakfast, the tour proper began.
First stop was Baluarte, Vigan, Ilocos Sur.
My family was supposed to go here during our Vigan trip back in 2012 but due to time constraint we weren't able to. I didn't know what was there in Baluarte, it's a zoo pala by Chavit Singson. Entrance was free by the way. If you would like to take pictures with some animals, like what we had, there's a fee of P500 for 4 persons.

Here's a photo of me and my twinnie-of-day Pb with some bright blue and yellow parrots. They don't talk argh hahaha. And a photo with a snake. A snake!!! At first ayoko talaga. I hate snakes and I'm scared of snakes. Pero sabi ko, what the hell, face your fears. Go lang ng go! Say yes to new adventures! It was so slimy at ang swabe niya gumalaw ang creepy lang. Haha. Plus I'm holding the head pa waaaa.

Plus a photo-op with this cute but huge tiger. Finally! I get to touch a tiger, happy Thomasian here! Haha.

We left Baluarte around 11. Imagine us walking under the scorching heat. Nognogan day 1.

Next stop: Bantay Bell Tower, Vigan, Ilocos Sur
This was a quickie stop because it's lunch and we're hungry, again.

We had lunch at some local bahay kainan where they serve buffet for P150. I wasn't in a mood for a buffet so myself, Fae, PJ and Marge went to hunt for other food house that serves "regular" non-buffet food, you get what I mean right? Haha. Anyway, I ended up having lunch for only P55.

Next stop: Marcos' Presidential Center, Ilocos Norte
There was an entrance fee of P20 for student and P50 for adult. First you get to have a tour of some of his memorabilia and his journey as a politician. Then we saw him. The preserved Ferdinand Marcos. Photos were not allowed though but damn I just saw Marcos in flesh. I can already go home haha I kid I kid.

Next stop: MalacaƱang of the North
It was this huge house beside a very beautiful body of water. I can't remember if there was an entrance fee, if there was it could've been P10 or P20 only. The interior of the house was really lovely and neat. Old school house it is.

Next stop: Onse Reef 4x4 and Sandboarding, Paoay, Ilocos Norte, P500/head
Time for the extreme coz it's Sand dunes time! Rented 2 4x4 for the 12 of us under extreme level. Woooo! It was the best! Love how you get to rock and bounce and sway in all directions plus a lot, I mean a loooot, of shouting and screaming for joy hahaha. It was soooooooooooo FUN! Especially when you're from way up going down the sand uhuh love it.

Then sand boarding. I was scared at first because I was wearing my contact lenses and sand might go inside my eyes and get irritated. Again, I told myself, what the hell andito na'ko di ko pa ba to gagawin? I will just use my eyeglasses nalang when I surf to be sure. My first try was a success! I didn't trip! I got to finish the trip without problems. Woohoo! Happy me! Had to try it again for the second time, this time with Steph. I fell on my way down naaaw. Pero it was more fun tripping than having a perfect surf. :))

Just imagine how lagkit and full of sand we were in the photo above hahaha. It matches to how happy we were naman :) It was so tiring but was so fun. Can't wait to do it again! :D

Off we went to Parklane Hotel in Laoag, where we're staying for the night. We took a quick rest, showered, changed clothes then off we go again.

Next stop: Paoay Church, Ilocos Norte
It was so lovely at night. My photo could never give justice to how it looked in person. Just lovely. I was so happy I got to see it personally na. Nakikita ko lang siya dati sa pictures and in Mario Maurer's and Erich's movie, tapos nakita ko na rin siya finally. :)

Last stop: Sitio Remedios, Curimao, Ilocos Norte
Anjon's resort. Sobrang gandaaa!!! Thank you so much Anjon! Sobrang agyamanak! :D
Just look at what awaits us. Eto nadatnan namin upon arriving for dinner.

Look how lovely it is. Grabe <3 Nakakainlove yung lugar. Sobra. (can you notice my abuse use of superlatives?) The place is just so beautiful. Sobra sobra sobra. I'll probably do a separate blog for it. So as to thank Anjon and his dad for their kindness and awesome welcome for us.
They served us all these local Ilocano food for free! Ang sarap na nga libre pa, edi lalo ng mas masarap huhu grabe talagang sarap. Me, I eat a lot of Ilocano food since childhood pero ang dami ko pa palang hindi natitikman. Sarap talaga! We also had Basi, an Ilocano wine, after dinner to toast for this adventure and for clerkship.

There was an on going wedding reception pala dun while we were there kaya we weren't able to swim na plus we're so dead tired na rin from the sand dunes. We enjoyed the night nalang looking at the beautiful dark sky so full of lovely stars. Sobrang ganda ng sky that time! Cristy and I were telling each other na we'll just find an Ilocano man to marry and have it preside at Paoay church then reception here in Sitio Remedios. Sobrang nakakainlove lang talaga kasi. Haha.

We went home around 12 midnight to cap off the day. It was indeed a tiring and hot day but as always, a very happy one.

Okay, this was supposed to be a photoblog of the whole 3-day Ilocos trip but parang ang haba na pala, so I'm chopping the photoblog into 3 separate blogs nalang para hindi mag mukhang nobela. Hihi. So this is day 1 of our Ilocos trip.

Kristine xx

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