Thursday, April 28, 2016

Ilocos 2016 Photodump, Day 2

Time for day 2! If you want to backread, click here to read about day 1 :)

Let's make this quick and short, so let's start!

Our bundle had to leave at 7 in the morning (after last night's puyat? pahirapan!) Breakfast was served at the hotel we were staying at. Today we were headed to the north-east of the Philippines.

First stop, Cape Bojeador Lighthouse, Burgos, Ilocos Norte
It is a cultural heritage house established during the Spanish era here in the Philippines. It's one of the most famous historical landmarks in the Philippines daw. It indeed didn't prove us wrong. All vehicles are parked in an area below the lighthouse and people have to "mini-trek" to be able to reach the top. Since it is a lighthouse, it has a neighboring body of water with a view that was so lovely from the top. We weren't able to climb up to the top of the lighthouse though because it was closed. Not sure though if it was just closed that time or if it really is always closed. No entrance fee by the way! In fact, no entrance fee to all the places we went today except for Bantay Abot Cave, roughly P10/head if I can remember it correctly.

Next stop, Kapurpurawan Rock Formation, Ilocos Norte
Nognogan day 2 starts here. Hahaha. See how lovely these creamy white limestones are. These were naturally sculpted by the oceanic and weather forces. Nature really does wonders! It took us I think more than 2 hours taking loads of photos here. Hahaha. Such a beauty kasi! There was a kuya there who take a looooot of photos. Kaya sobrang dami naming picture dito sa lugar na to. Haha. Smile in 1, 2, 3, and 3, and 3, and 3 =))

Here's a photo of us (minus 2) with the rock formation. Pwede na bang pang telenobela? :))

Posting this for the background. Yun talaga eh :)

You can also see the windmills from here!

We were contemplating if we were to have lunch first or windmills na. But as always hungry as we are, we chose to eat first. Hehe. Had lunch at some bahay kainan again. Happy tummies once more!

Next stop, Bangui Windmills, Ilocos Norte
This is known to people as Pagudpud like when people say Pagudpud yung windmills agad naiisip nila, but, I learned that wala pala sa Pagudpud yung windmills. Ibang lugar pala yun. Hihi. This is rather the Bangui wind farm in Bangui Ilocos Norte. We were here at 12noon at soooobraaaaang sikat ng araw! Grabe! Tiis ganda ang mga Tita's and Tito's niyo. Haha. But sobrang ganda pala talaga niya in person. From pictures to real life talaga sobrang amazing :)

We were supposed to do a lot of stopover pa sa iba-ibang lugar pero we ought not to nalang. Idk. Pagod na rin and sobrang init talaga kasi. Haha. Sorry na!

Next stop, Bantay Abot Cave, Baloi, Ilocos Norte
It is not actually a cave but a mini hill that has a "hole" like a doughnut hole at the middle that made it look like a cave. Sabi the hole was formed because of an earthquake. Amazing! Nature is amazing. The funny thing here is sabi namin quickie lang kami kasi not much to see kasi ung hole lang naman, but it took us more than an hour para lang magpicture picture. Hahaha. =))

We dropped by pa at Blue Lagoon in Baloi pero as in literal na dropped by lang. Baba ng van, picture then bye. Haha. Init!!!

Had some legit Ilocos empanada on our way back to Currimao. Nagtalo talo pa kung saan napunta yung suka. Hahaha. We were in a rush to get back to Anjon's resort to witness a dramatic sunset. And voila! We made it just in time! Now it's time to chill. Going back to Sitio Remedios was a huge relief.

A look at Sitio Remedios at night. What a beauty! It's a heritage resort like an old village housing old school houses. Instead of staying in the usual hotel rooms when you stay at a resort, in Sitio Remedios, you get to stay in an old house. Just wait till I blog about that! Very soon I wish! Haha.

I have no photo of the boodle fight that we had that night because our hands were all busy and it was such an amazeballs experience. Boodle fight beside the beach! Sobrang saya! Soooooobraaaaaang saraaaaaaap ng pagkain. There was a time na wala talagang umiimik, lahat busy kumain. Haha. Remember Steph saying, parang last supper na natin to tapos bukas hahatulan na tayo. Haha. Sobrang dami ng pagkain. At sobrang sarap! (here goes my superlatives again haha get used to it :P)

We dipped in the pool. We dined. We listened to good music while chatting. We had a bonfire. We had a good glass of wine and drinks. We had a good time. Good people they are. :)

And of course! Thank you for the "Padapadacam" you guys :) It's a traditional Ilocano song they sing to someone who has a birthday. My extended birthday celebration! Haha. Para akong nagdebut ulit :)) Anyway, from the bottom of my heart thank you so much guys! Totally appreciate it <3

Day 2 just got better! And we're 1 day away! Had sooooo much fun guys! Thank you so much! :)

Kristine xx

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