Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Summer Read #2: Eleanor & Park

Ever since I went to med school I wasn't able to read a lot of books, which was my life before med school. Yes I read books, but medicine books say whaaat.

I only have 2 months this summer break to read all the books that I can. So I started reading right after our exams were over. Haha. Make the most out of it, they say!

Won't talk much about the first book I've read this summer. But just in case you want to know what book I read, it was Three Words, Eight Letters, Say it, and I'm Yours by a Filipina writer Jade Margarette Pitogo. It was so good I was having a hard time stopping reading. Haha. The ending was so sad though. Didn't expect it to end that way.

Anyway, how about Eleanor & Park! I got this book as an exchange gift last December and I loved it, thank you! :) The first time I opened it I want to read it immediately but medschool won't let me. Ugly truth, I know.

I've heard a lot about this book, and when I say a lot I mean positive lots. Plus it's going to be on screens soon. Yaaaay! *screams* Therefore I must read it immediately before it even hit the theaters, I told my bookish self. And I did! Just did! Finished reading it last night. Don't judge me but it made me teary-eyed. But not the same cry I had when I read Dear John, oh that book!

What about Eleanor & Park, I promise no spoiler here. It's about two totally different high school kids whose relationship started inside a school bus. Who never thought would be friends because they can't even look at each other at the beginning. Suddenly turned out to be lovers! Two misfits who became the perfect fit for each other. <3

Read it and reminisce as you remember your high school puppy loves. This book will definitely remind you how it is to be young, in love and be young in love. <3

The book will revolve around how Eleanor and Park managed to stay together despite the barriers that are Eleanor's father, school bitches, their differences and their own feelings. It's such a sweet book really, and very very cute! Especially Park. =p

If you read reviews about this book you'll see that most people will contemplate how the story end. Like how books usually end, the ending is bitin. Only one way to find out, read it. :) As for me, I'd forever wonder what that ending meant. And yes, I'm very sad about Park and a bit mad at Eleanor. Why'd she have to do that? She had a choice! And she chose to... Haaay Eleanor, you think about stuff a lot and not let your heart do the thinking.

My Goodreads rating: 5 of 5 stars

And you know me, I take a lot of photos of my books when I read, so here are some. Hihi. :)

I posted this one on my instagram days ago. It was the first time Park held Eleanor's hand and it was too cute! :D

And a few more #bookselfie

And the fangirl that I am, I googled some fan-made art about Eleanor & Park, and here are some of the ones that I found.

Quote that.


And just like how I picture Eleanor & Park. <3

Tinay xx

Monday, January 6, 2014

10 things to ponder on this 2014

Hi readers! Happy new year! It's about time for me to post my first blog for this year.

To start off, here's a list of the top 10 things I want to do this year, top 10 because there are other things besides these but these 10 would be the major ones. I know I know new year's resolutions are made to be broken so what the heck I'm still doing them. At least I have a guide whenever I got pushed to another direction. It's just something that will remind me of what I should do with my life this year.

1. Learn how to say no to food.
In other words, eat less. I have three months to get rid of all the holiday fats I gained and to prepare myself na rin for summer. It'll be my 2nd to last summer vacation so I better be fit to enjoy it the most! I must practice moving my head from left to right whenever someone offers me food.

2. Read more books.
I got to read 21 books last year plus Catching Fire, because I read that last 2012 but read it again last November 2013 to prep myself for its movie release. This year, my book challenge in my goodreads account is to read 30 books. Actually I'm aiming for more pero medschool is taking most of my reading time so I think 30 is a good number of books to read already.

3. Watch more movies.
Whenever I finish a movie I always feel better. Be it a good movie or a disaster movie, it always makes my mood better. I don't know maybe movies has this sort of drug that calms me everytime. Cool.

4. Make exercise a habit.
If I have to successfully do my #1 list I must accompany it with exercise. I used to do hip-hop abs before but I don't think it's enough though. I'll try my very best to run a few laps whenever I have time and in between studying so that burning all these fats will be faster.

5. Take more candid photos.
I love candid photos! It shows the real personality of a person behind all those physical aspect you see in the outside. Ito yung tunay na totoo :)

6. Listen to lectures more often than not.
Lectures regarding medicine can be very boring sometimes that I tend not to listen and just play random games in my iPad or search the internet while in class. Like for example kanina, first 2 lectures of the year, I listened pretty well! Haha. Though during the second lecture I was kinda sleepy na pero I tried my best to listen. It's a good start still!

7. Keep a 365-day journal/diary.
Maybe it sounds kinda baduy to some of you but there's no stopping me. I'm keeping a journal or most people call it diary for one whole year. So far so good! I've been doing pretty well on my journal, haven't miss a day since January 1 so far. And I'm keeping it that way! It'll be so fun to read them all again once the year is about to end and reminisce the important events that happened to me this year.

8. Besides the 365-day journal, I'm keeping a 365-photo diary.
Just like #7, I haven't miss a day since January 1 and I'm keeping it that way! I may not be able to post everything on instagram but I'll be blogging about them every week, so that's 4 blog posts a month! Yay!

9. Care less.
The less you care, the less you'll get hurt. Why mind if you don't matter? Enough said.

10. Do epic shits.
This be my #1 resolution for 2014. 365 days is a lot of days! So that's gotta be a lot of epic shits in my list. I've actually done 1 epic shit already since January 1. Wohoo! And more more to go!

Let's do this 2014! I'm starting you with a blast and hopefully end you with a bang! *cough baduy cough*

How about you, how do you want your 2014 to be?

Kristine xx

Friday, December 27, 2013

Holiday reads part 1

Haven't been really on the "read mood" lately because of all the christmas buzz and rush. But at least I was able to read 2 since my christmas vacation started!

Bought 6 books from the #romanceclass bundle that my favorite Filipino author, Ms. Mina Esguerra, is organizing last november. I was so stoked to read them but can't squeeze it in my busy medschool sched. So I took the chance once my vacation started.

The first book I got to read was Save the Cake by Stella Torres. Cakes and cupcakes are becoming a huge business nowadays. Well this book goes out to all the bakers out there! But bakers or not, every reader will surely love this book.

I'm not into cakes and cupcakes myself but I loved this book! It has a sweet story about family, relatives, sweets and love. It's quite funny when I found myself relating to what happened to Eloisa and Gino. Hahaha. Let's not focus on that side of the story by the way. Haha. Anyway, Sean Alvarez looks so handsome by the looks of his description in the book. Plus he's very family oriented which I think every girl is looking for from a manly man, if you know I mean.

In the end, my rate for this book in goodreads is 4/5. :)

Book 2: The Real Score by Kesh Tanglao

I love this book! Huhu. I got teary eyed towards the ending. T_T

If you are my follower on twitter, you'll notice that I tweet a lot about this book the time I was reading it. Mainly because I see Marcus and Caitlin as me and Harry Styles! OMYGOD! Hahaha. This book is a reflection of me and my Harry! I know I sound stupid and hilarious at the same time but I'm serious. Haha. I can see myself and Harry in this book, and One Direction too, of course.

There's this band name Gezellig who's the biggest band in the world right now who came from London which sounded like One Direction who is currently the biggest boy band in the world who also came from England, but not particularly London because they came from different parts of England plus Niall from Ireland, yes I'm a big big big fan of One Direction, deal with that. Then here's Caitlin who didn't like Gezellig at the beginning who took the risk and listened to them and learned to love them, especially Marcus.

Marcus took Caitlin to London which I wish Harry would do to me too. Hahaha! In my dreams! Marcus has green eyes just like Harry. Marcus has tats everywhere in his body just like Harry. In short, Marcus Wayans = Harry Styles. :))

This may sound really shallow but this book made me teary eyed towards the end. Love will really make you do things you don't know you could and would make you take risks you never thought you'd take.

I recommend this book to every huge fangirls out there. You. Must. Read. This. Book. I'm definitely getting a trade paperback copy of this once it's out in the market. Definitely one of my favorites contemporary novels.

Goodreads rate: 5/5 <3

Current-read: Love and Other Perishable Items by Laura Buzo
(Thank you Charli for this book!)

Happy holidays everyone! <3
-Tinay xx

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

What I've been listening to a lot lately

The title says it all. My blog's all boring na so I just had to post one para mabuhay naman kahit konti.

Before I blog about the Catching Fire movie, which I hope will be very soon, let me share to you guys some songs I listen to most of the time since the past few weeks. Plus, malay niyo you might like it. Pandagdag din sa playlist mo. Hihi.

I love how music has always been there for me. Drama. Chos.

And here's the list! Plus some "description" and a youtube video/lyric video too so you may listen to it. Arranged in random manner.

1. It Takes Two - Katy Perry
Ang ganda niyaaaaaa. Sobrang LSS ko na siya ng ilang araw. Huhu. Hahaha. I'm not saying that I can relate, haha, basta this song is almost perfect na if ever perfect exist.

2. Unconditionally - Katy Perry
Her current single. And here's the music video released just a week ago, just in case you haven't seen it yet. Isn't she perfect? Aaaahhhhh. Ang gandang snow princess.

3. Birthday - Katy Perry
Actually, I've been listening to her new album Prism for a number of times already. This one's one of my favorites besides It Takes Two.

4. Grow Up - Paramore
My favorite band of all time! I've been listening to their Paramore album for weeks already and almost mamemorize ko na rin lahat ng songs. Haha. Ganda ng bagong album nila! Listen to it! I'll post here my favorites which is almost all. Haha. Love this song the most! <3

5. Last Hope - Paramore
"It's just a spark but it's enough to keep me going..." Now this song would definitely fit as a Catching Fire soundtrack. Remember what Prim said about hope? Listen to the bass on the 2nd verse!!! Love ittttt!

6. (One of Those) Crazy Girls - Paramore
Because I'm not one of those crazy girls. Lalalalalove it.

7. Hate to See Your Heart Break - Paramore
Slow song na chill lang. :)

8. Ain't It Fun - Paramore
I've always loved this song ever since I first heard it months ago. One of my feel good songs!

9. Part II - Paramore
Song sounds familiar? If it does, then you're a true Paramore fan :)

10. Daydreaming - Paramore
And their new single! New music video released a week ago. Chill song especially made for dreamers who loves daydreaming like me. Haha.

Now you see how much I love Paramore? Yes. I love them soooooo much! Can't wait to see them live again! Hopefully next year! Sana bumalik ulit sila! <3

If you skipped listening to these songs boooo yooooou. You're wasting your precious time not listening to such quality songs like these. =p

Of course I have other songs to listen to besides these. I actually have 1000++ songs on my ipod. These are just some of the songs I listen quite often nowadays.

Go ahead and press that play button!
Kristine xx

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Sembreak book reads

Hiiiiiiii! It's been so long since I posted anything in this boring blog of mine. I know I've said that I'll update my blog a hundred times and I wasn't able to but this time I'm really doing it!

To tell you the truth I'm actually in my pajamas already while blogging this because I really am ready to sleep but I know I just have to blog this before I go to sleep. I won't be able to sleep without the thought that I was able to publish this, okay? :p

My last blog post was last August 30 pa and to think that I didn't post anything in the month of September. Was I that too busy to not to update? So please forgive me if my side bar (look to the right) is not updated yet. I'm not 21 for all I hope I am. Haha. Anywaaaaaaay.

I know I got too caught up with medschool for the past months and I haven't got time to read any book, but I think I managed to finish 3 books while in medschool. Horay but not quite.

To make it up from my lost of time to read, I promised myself that this sembreak I will read myself to the fullest. I am going to read myself until my eyes can't take it anymore. I'm going to spend my entire sembreak reading books. Yup that's me.

So far, 2 weeks since the sembreak started, I got to finish 6 books already, which I think is cool enough. I'm not a fast reader to begin with so 6 books in 2 weeks is pretty fine with me.

Here are the books I got to finish so far. Took this screenshot from my goodreads account.

Starters was good. Almost the same as Stephenie Meyer's The Host. Can't wait to read its sequel Enders. Maybe soon.

Operation: Break the Casanova's Heart is funny and romantic. Love how the book has a lot of song excerpts mostly from Taylor Swift plus Paramore's Misery Business. Do you know how much I love that band?

South Beach Sizzle is plain cool and very light read. It's full of music too that was basically reggae and cool that we mostly hear from the south beach.

Now we begin with one of the best series, ever, The Selection by Kiera Cass. I think she's briliiant! Thank you so much for these books.

The Selection, book 1. If you want to know the plot, go read it from goodreads because I don't want to narrate it here just so. I didn't expect myself to like this book so much.

Here's America who entered The Selection competing with 34 other girls to win over Prince Maxon's heart.

Who'd have thought! Who'd have thought America would get this far! Prince Maxon's the sweetest prince I've ever met (as if I really met him though), okay I've ever encountered in a book. Have you ever been in love with a fictional character that it hurts you because you know it's just a fictional character and it's very impossible? I know just how you feel my dear.

Then here's Aspen who happens to have America's heart before she entered The Selection but chose to break it even before The Selection starts. He then shows up in the palace as a guard just as when America and Prince Maxon are closely getting into each other. I loooove all the thrill this book is giving me.

From 35 girls, Prince Maxon had to cut them down to only 6, which are now called The Elite.

The Elite, book 2. Now with only 6 girls left, Prince Maxon has to choose only 1 girl to be his princess and the love of his life.

If my head and heart could scream, they would definitely scream Lady America's name, obviously. Celeste's such a btch, Natalie's boring, Elise is a user, Kriss is sweet but not as America's, and Marlee is, well, she has Carter already.

Let's talk about Prince Maxon. I just said that he's the sweetest, right? Well, he really is. He is willing to do everything, anything for America, but America right here can't get herself right. She's having second thoughts between Prince Maxon and Aspen. Oh please girl, please let Prince Maxon win your heart.

The book almost had me crying. T_T It's just so sad how everything is falling apart between America and Prince Maxon just because America can't get her feelings straight. If I were her, I'd definitely, no second thoughts, in no doubt, choose Prince Maxon over Aspen. I know Aspen's her first love and her first of many things, but he chose to let that all go when she entered The Selection and let his head win over his heart. Prince Maxon has my vote now and he deserves someone like America. He deserves someone who would reciprocate the effort and love he always offer. Why not pick me instead Prince Maxon? Mehehe.

The Elite ended so bitin!!! Why Kiera! Whyyy!!! Tapos the third book, The One, is to be released on March 2014 pa. I'm so bitiiiiin! I want to know what will happen among America, Prince Maxon, Aspen, the king and the 3 other girls in the palace already. I can't wait for that day to come, the day that I will start reading The One already.

By the way, I only got to read the ebook versions of the book. I'll wait for a boxset series of the trilogy before I buy the set. Don't worry, I am definitely buying these books even if I was finished already. They do deserve a spot on my library. :)

And about the 5th book, The Prince, it's a short book about the prince, Prince Maxon. It's cool to get to know how the prince was before The Selection. There's another one about Aspen though, The Guard I think, but I haven't read that one yet. It isn't available I guess. But, if you're wondering, yes, I'm buying those two too when they're in the market already.

There's so much more I wanted to say about America, Prince Maxon and Aspen but I don't want to spoil anyone else. You just have to read them yourselves if you want to find out.

But I'm warning you, prepare your hearts, because it's going to be a battle between love and crown.


A quick detour here. As some of you may now my 2013 Reading Challenge, to update you guys, I know I'm going to fail this one, I didn't expect medschool to be this demanding haha. I was aiming to read 50 books this year and so far my progress is only 17 books. I know I know I know don't scold me there hey.

I still hope I get to finish until 25 though. Atleast half will do the justice.

My next read would be Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins. It's a re-read by the way. I've read it some time last summer 2012. I just want to read it again to supplement myself for its upcoming movie this November which I can't wait to see! :)

That's it I guess! Have to go to bed already! Good night! And thank you soooo muuuuch for reading this long blog post of mine. Thank you thank you.

Lady Kristine xx