Sunday, November 28, 2010

Fuck My Life

I can't stand the pain on my left hand. This shouldn't be happening.

Sana hindi nalang ako sumali sa football tournament na to.Wasn't supposed to join. Naawa lang talaga ko kay *** kaya sumali nako. Ano napala ko? Err.

If only I could turn back time!

Lord, why does this have to happen to me?

Sakto pa pasko at new year. NAPAKAMALAS!

Ako na pinakamalas na tao ngayon sa lagay ko na to.

Can't play the guitar. Can't do volleyball. Mahirap gumalaw and I can't do the usual things that I do! Napakalaking abala!

I really hate this!

Right now I'm having a hard time typing. Pero I really want to blog. So whatever.

I cried nanaman kanina because of my hand. Nakakairitaaaaa! Ayoko nang umiyak nang ganito ang dahilan.

But what can I do? Isang malaking NOTHING. Period.

Sana lang, kahit ngayon lang mag-miracle si Lord, pagalingin niya na kagad ako. Mukhang imposible.

Wala na akong magagawa.

I quit football. Must focus on my studies and myself+family-slash-friends.

-Tinay xx

Monday, November 22, 2010

Jingle Bowl Tourney: Day 1

My second tournament in my football career (naks). And probably my last.

Sad to say I'm not that excited for this tournament, unlike our first one. Maybe because I already know what to expect.

My new team, Santa's Little Helpers or in other words, Reindeers!

I kinda miss my old and first team tho, the Undrafted. They're my first football family and I miss them big time! :(

Moving on, I love my new team and we've got new members from TU. Welcome you guys.

We're back to our football home, Circulo Verde. I know that getting there and going home from there is pretty much a huge hassle for me. But never the less, I have to come every Sunday.

Team warm-up.

TU's tent.

Center. Line vs Snapper.

This man's killing Ibu!

Here are some of my shots, from Kuya Drei. :)

Of course, meet my team, Santa's Little Helpers.

Hi Edward. So happy? Haha.


Our team's first day fairytale:
We ended the first day with a 2-3 standing. Our 2 wins were luckily because of our opponents who didn't come so we won them by default. How lucky! Early Christmas gift we say. We don't do trainings TOGETHER, that's why we obviously lost all our remaining games. And fucking sad to say I injured my left ring finger! I can't move it or anything. The girl snapper was a monster. I can't stand her! Ugh. If ever we meet again, I'm sure I'll double the pressure on her. I swear. Revenge is the key!

Well, that's pretty much on our first day.

God bless TU! God bless the BFLC!

-Tinay xx

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Math Amazing Race

UST Education High School is celebrating their Math Week and it's the 60th.

Fourth year Math Pre-Service teachers prepared a Math Amazing Race for the highschool students, plus us, third year Math Majors.

We were asked to wear colored shirts depending on the color assigned to us. We were to guide the students on the race. But not teach them.

Assembly at the 4th floor lobby of Albertus Magnus at 12:50. At 1 pm, each team has to create their own-made cheer. There are 10 groups by the way. And I'm on the green team. Yay! My favorite color. :)

First clue was given. RUUUUUUUUUN!

So, on the race itself.

Imagine the race was university wide so it was really tiring! Running from one place to another. UST is really big so we had a hard time going from one station to another station.

Like what happened to us on our first station. We went straight to Beato from Albertus Magnus, wrong. From Beato to the fountain, wrong. From the fountain to car park, wrong again. And finally, botanical garden.

Our first station, sudoku. Second station, have to type without looking at the keyboard. Third station, sing and dance the Angle Song. Fourth station, walk with garters gripped on their legs. Fifth station, CPU parts. Don't have to elaborate each station anyway.

Despite all the running, we won 4th place! GREEN TEAM WON 4TH PLACE!!! Not bad! Not bad at all!

I'm so proud of my team. The 4 highschool students I am with and the co-math majors, Fran and Louise, I was with. We did it! :)

Right after the race, my legs were killing me! And my feet! I fell like they're going to be detached from my body.

But no worries, I'm pretty fine now. Just a little tired. That's all.

I enjoyed it! It was my 4th amazing race in UST though. The first one was also a university wide while the other 2 were just around our building. But today was different. And more challenging!

So right now I'm excited for next year's Math Week. Obviously because we're the ones whose going to manage it. I'm so excited! Hahaha. I wonder what we'll do. Hmmm. You'll see. :)

-Tinay xx

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

She's Not Out of Your League, Dude

I remember Justin telling me to watch this movie. It was months ago, July, when he told me to see this movie, She's Out of my League. He did a little summary about the movie and I got stoked about it and decided to download it right away. But, unfortunately, I haven't seen the movie, not until today.

I've got tons to do but I don't feel like I have any so I decided to see some of the movies I have in this computer that I am using. For today I picked She's Out of my League. And I guess I made the right choice.

What if you met a super hot chick or a super hot guy and you're just an ordinary person and suddenly you know s/he's falling for you, will you give it a shot? Meet Kurt, a 5-rated guy who made a hard 10-rated girl, Molly, who fell in love with him in a flash.

And the rest is up to you guys! Another recommended movie. Go hit the download button now!

Here's the trailer of the movie She's Out of My League. To help you picture out the story.

So, what do you say? Will you give it a try? Go naaa! :)

-Tinay xx

Friday, November 12, 2010

Start of another Junior year semester!

Hello UST! Again.

This semester's the most busy, most hectic, most preoccupied and most annoying sem ever!

First day: November 10, 2010

  • 9 - 10 SCL9 Marriage and Family: NO TEACHER! Got to hang out with my uno friends and talked about the semestral break. Plus the plans for this semester.
  • 10 - 11 HUM1 Humanities: Sir Sauz. Project on our first meeting? C'mon! We have to group ourselves according to our majors and make a christmas tree out of recycled materials. The cheaper the better! When the christmas tree's done, we'd donate it to a poor family. We also have to document everything and submit it to him on Dec10. First day! He even gave us a homework! Ugh.
  • 11 - 12 Curriculum Development: Sir Santiago's back! We love to have him back. We're that lucky.
  • 12 - 1 Advanced Statistics: Like last sem, we have Mam Sauz. She dismissed us early coz she's got things to do. Thank you very much.
  • 1 - 2 BREAK TIME: Still, my favorite. :P
  • 2 - 3 Calculus: As usual, Sir Adamos. Lesson on our first meeting! Jeeez! Integral Calculus, please be good to me. :)
Rainy first day for us Thomasians. Arrived home wet. Ugh.

Second day: November 11, 2010
  • 8.30 - 10 Major: I forgot our subject's name. OMG. Hahaha. No teacher anyway. Boo!
  • 10 - 11.30 PHL3 Logic: Mam Jimenez. She's crazy. I mean it. Hahaha. She's so funny and all. Haha. I think I'm going to love her! :)
  • 11.30 - 1 BREAK TIME!
  • 1 - 2.30 Math215 Assessment: Mam Alonsabe, again. Been there, done that. Ice breaker!
  • 2.30 - 4 Instrumental Mathematics: Our favorite major prof, Sir Sangcap! Here we go again! This better be fun. Hahaha! :))
Migraine! The weather played from rainy to sunny and vice versa. My usual sickness, migraine hit me. :((

Third day: November 12, 2010 (same sched as 11/10)
  • 9 - 10: Still, our professor didn't show up!
  • 10 - 11: Talked about the christmas tree. I think our group already have some ideas on what to work on.
  • 11 - 12: Lesson for curriculum development.
And I'm home! Mam Sauz and Sir Adamos told us ahead of time that they're not going to meet us today so we didn't have to wait for them. Thank God for cellular phones.

Welcome third year, 2nd semester!

PS. Please be nice to me. :)

-Tinay xx

Monday, November 8, 2010

Children's party!

I've been to children's party for two consecutive days. And I still wish that I'm still as young as them. But sad to say, that's never gonna happen. So void to hear that tho.

Anyway, last Saturday, we've been to Belaisah's first birthday. Expected this to be bongga because it's the first birthday. It was held at Siena's, Anitpolo. Pink-ish party! Lots of kids were there, of course. They had clowns, a Hello Kitty mascot and a photo booth.

Part 2 was last Sunday. This time, the party was a little bit far, Batangas. It was Don's 7th birthday.

Left Manila at 11.30 and arrived Batangas around 2. The party started at 3 in the afternoon. The children went all the way to the pool and had the best times of their lives!

Then there comes the singing of the birthday song and blowing of the candles, the usual. Everyone's favorite, eating time! Right after eating, followed the different "seven's." There were I think 7 "seven's" for him. Like what debutants have during their 18th, the 18 roses, candles and treasures. For him, it was 7 candles, 7 gifts, 7 angels, 7 wines, 7 envelopes and 2 more that I totally forgot.

There were tons of people! The number of the kids equaled the number of the adults. Like wow!


And that was a wrap!

PS. Suddenly I wanted to become a kid again. :))

-Tinay xx

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Highschol has never been this good.

Some people say the real world comes after high school, but high school is as real as it gets. There are many life-defining moments in high school and you have to be around people you don’t like, overcome challenges, build friendships, put up with the gossip, the rumors and the drama.

Three years have passed. Some of us haven't seen each other for the passed three years. Some were out of any communication at all. Some were like nothing. But after last Saturday night, we were as one again. One batch. One friends. One team.

You may notice that our batch is composed of different core groups, like the Drop, NIECK, Double7, Everything Nice, PCD and etc. We are still considered as one group though. No matter what group one belongs.

The plan was, it was supposed to be held at Paul's place and was supposed to be a costume party. But at the first week of October the organizers decided to change it to a casual-slash-semi-formal party and is to be held at Basilica Cafe.

On the day itself.


Band played.

Drink relay - boys.

Drink relay - girls.

Suck and Blow - crowd's favorite.

Dinner was good. The food tastes good. Iced tea for everyone. Nachos for dessert. Yumyum!

Our batch-band played together with Kim. They played Careless Whisper with Kim on violin for the lead. Allen sang King of Leon's Use Somebody using Paramore's rendition. Joenan sang Hey, Soul Sister with the help of the crowd. Funny, though. Haha. And a mixture of Chinoi and Jojo at the end.

The drink relay for boys, from the name itself, was supposed to be a relay but ended up not relay. The first participant got to drink the wine all by himself. Vicente won! Drink relay for girls was a success! Jannine and Trixie won. Last but not the least, Suck and Blow. I even join so I won't miss out the fun. There are 10 contestants per group, 5 girls and 5 boys each group. We are to form a line, alternating girls and boys. The thing is, we have to pass the card using only our mouth until the last member. The last pair are to bring the card in front and shoot it to the glass they'll found there. And booyah! Our team won! Hahaha. I never thought we'd win. But we did. So yeah!

And since they lost, they have to suffer the consequence. :)

Then the crowd goes wild!!!

Party till the AM. Ended at 2.30 in the morning. We were all wet with sweat! Haha!

Highschool has never been this good. Gaaad I love you guys!

Till we meet again, my friends. :)

-Saint Joseph School, 2008

-Tinay xx

Monday, November 1, 2010

Girl Meets World Part ii

Tada! I've finished reading Girl Meets World. Started reading it last October 28. Took me 4 days!

Some say it's boring. But it's not! There's a different kind of twist in this book. Something you seldom see in your books. And the ending's kinda cute. :)

Go read it now! Visit your nearest bookstore and go buy one. I promise you it'll be worth it.

-Tinay xx