Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Let's not waste any time, here it goes, I PASSED THE LET!

Wohooo! Definitely one of the best things that ever happened to me! Finally, there's one thing that I can be most proud of myself and say, "may napatunayan na rin ako sa sarili ko."

The LET was all on me. No preparation, no review. I was so cool and steady the whole time. I just told myself, "I'm ready." And I guessed that helped me quite a lot.

Sabi nila, PRC will release the LET results on November 9, so since November 9, the PRC site where they will post the LET passers has been on bookmark on my laptop, iPod, iPad and tablet already. Then, last week they announced that they might post the results on November 28. But you know what they say, they can be huge thief in the night. PRC posted the results on November 26 which was really unexpected! I was scrolling my iPad on the list of the passers, it started with surnames that start at letter "A." When I'm already in the surnames that start with "Bo", my scrolling speed suddenly decreases. Hahaha. I don't know. I don't want to get disappointed or something. Slowly but surely I scrolled through the page and saw my surname, BULATAO, then my name, KRISTINE AMIEL CARINGAL. I can't believe it! It really is my name! OHMYGOD! Then I went all screaming and shouting like a bomb inside our room. I immediately called my Mom and told my family. Dad was out of reach coz he was in duty, but I was able to call him a few hours later.

Could you believe it? Me? A licensed Math teacher! I wish I could practice it sooner! Maybe after Med? Maybe? Maybe? Then bring it on! :)

But above this success, I'd love to thank, with all my heart, my Mommy and Daddy, my brother and sister Piye and Jaja respectively, my whole family/relatives, who were always there to support me, my friends who always insisted me that I can do it, most especially Axl :), to my former teachers who taught me so well and to the One and only God, I'll never be here without Him.

I offer this to each and everyone of you. Thank you so much! :)

I still can't calm my emotions, is this normal? Hahaha.
Tinay xx

Saturday, November 24, 2012

It's Not Summer Without You

Before you continue reading, I'd like you to read my book review on the first book of this trilogy first here.

I was able to finish the book last Wednesday night but I only find the time to blog about it tonight. Very sorry about that. Been really busy with school lately and all the preparations for our upcoming bazaar. But nevertheless! Here's another book review to all my constant readers who love reading books like me. :)

From the title itself, it's a romantic setting on a summer season. Basically, here's Belly, together with her brother Steven and Mom, who spends her summer her whole life at some summer house with two brothers and whose mother is bestfriends with Belly's mother. Well Belly likes one of the two brothers, which is Condrad, but he's such a mental and can't decide if he really likes Belly, while on the other hand, the other brother named Jeremiah, likes Belly like no other but she can't see it and sees Jere as a friend only, even as a best friend. But not in this book. There's a very huge twist at the end! You need to read it to find out.

I loved it! But not as much as the first book. :( I think it's because all that Belly was thinking about is herself. How selfish can she get? But nonetheless, the thrill and kilig vibes are still there.

I know this is a lowsy book review. Hahaha. I'm in a hurry now, sorry. I promise to make it up on the next book! And I'll start to read the last book of the trilogy later and I promise to make its review better. And I mean really better. See you soon lovelies!

Would you love to read it too?
Tinay xx

Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Summer I Turned Pretty

This book has been on my shelf for a long time already but I haven't had the chance to read it yet. Well, not until now.

It is actually a Jenny Han Trilogy, the first one's The Summer I Turned Pretty, It's Not Summer Without You being the second and We'll Always Have Summer for the last book. The first time I saw this book was at Fully Booked SM North Edsa. I didn't buy it that time coz I just bought a box set and I don't have enough money with me. Good thing National Bookstore went on sale a couple of weeks after then I got to buy the trilogy already.

Last Tuesday night, I started reading this book. I only got to read the first chapter because I was so sleepy already but I badly want to start reading it already. I tried my best to fight my eyes but sadly I didn't win. Haha. But last night, I got so hooked up to it! That within 3-4 hours I was able to finish the whole book! I'm not really a fast reader. I can finish a book within 1 to 2 weeks whether I'm busy or not. But not this one.

Enough with me blabbering. Here's a short summary of the book. It might interest someone you know. Go ahead.

Belly’s never been the kind of girl that things happen to. Year after year, she’s spent her summers at the beach house with Conrad and Jeremiah. The boys never noticed Belly noticing them. And every summer she hoped it would be different. This time, it was. But the summer Belly turned pretty was the summer that changed everything. For better, and for worse.

I don't know with you but I loved it. It was my kind of book. Books like this are my kind of thing, very chick lit, I know. It's the typical teenage love triangle plot over summer, but there's a twist! It's kind of like a family thing. You know how teenage love lasts during summers right? They even call it as "summer fling" like all relationships that started during summer are all plain flings. But I highly doubt it. You can never have too many summers where all relationships are just flings. Sometimes it is true love. Just like what Belly had for Conrad.

Blah blah blah. You know what I loved most about this book? I kind of like relate myself to it. That's it! That's why I loved it that much!

I had that one summer in my life where I felt I was pretty. That sure was fun as hell. As far as I can remember, I loved every day of that one summer. Until now, I can still remember everything about that one summer. That summer was definitely one of the books. I tried to forget everything that happened on that summer but I can't. Some things always remind me of it, just like this book.

Sorry if I got carried away. Haha. :p Later I might start reading the second franchise. You'll hear from me very soon!

What can you say about it?
Tinay xx

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Green Berries' 1st clothing collection

Maybe some of you heard of my online shop Green Berries. And you may be aware that I sell handmade arm candies and other fashion accessories at affordable prices.

Just this October, my sister Jaja collaborated with me and joined the bandwagon too. Thus the Green Berries 1st clothing collection was born! All the clothing items we have is hers actually. Some of my buyers who knew me thought it was mine. But not really, it was my sister's. So if ever you want to get any of our clothing, you may contact my sister. But you may also contact me. Whichever you prefer really will do. :)

Now let me show you what we have in store!

Teal blue chiffon top

Neon yellow small spike earrings: P20
Neon yellow chain: P120
Neon orange chain: P120
Neon orange spike bangle: P50
Neon orange with gold tube: P50

Pink ruffled chiffon top

Blue denim shorts (Garterized) 
(Also available in LIGHT BLUE color)

Neon chain fishtail braid 1: P40
Green rubber ball bracelet: P60
Pink mint bracelet: P50
Orange mustache ring: P60

Teal blue chiffon top 

Green-Pink Jana wrap bracelet: P60
Mint bracelets: P50 each, 4 for P180
White bubble gum bracelet: P70

Pleated yellow chiffon top

Neon orange chain necklace: P120
Neon blue chain necklace: P120
Orange bunny ears ring: P60
Orange bead braid bracelet: P60
Dark blue wood bracelet: P50
Neon blue small spike earrings: P20

Pink chiffon dress

Neon pink double spike earrings: P50
Neon violet chain necklace: P120
Neon violet spike bangle: P50
Violet bubble gum with gold beads bracelet: P60
Violet lips bangle: P80
Diamond with criss cross enamel ring blue, P65

Pink button-down top

Gray denim shorts (Garterized)
(Also available in NAVY BLUE color)

Neon green double spike earrings: P50
Neon green chain necklace: P120
Neon braid with thread: P50
Green-Pink Jana wrap bracelet: P60
Green Jana bracelet: P40
Neon green spikes: P100
Green rock on ring: P55

Cream chiffon dress

TriTorn gold earrings: P65
Neon violet chain necklace: P120
Black tire bangle: P80
Gold lips bangle: P80

Black top w/ bow

TriTorn gold earrings: P65
Neon pink chain necklace: P120
Neon green chain necklace: P120
Neon yellow chain necklace: P120
Neon violet spike bangle: P50
Neon orange spike bangle: P50
Neon green spike bangle: P50
Multicolor 4 spikes: P150

Flowy yellow top

TriTorn gold earrings: P65
Gold lips bangle: P80
Multicolor with stone macrame bracelet: P80
Turquoise with stone macrame bracelet: P80
Hot pink spike bangles: P80

Affordable, right? Get it now before someone else does! You don't want to get left behind this holiday.

Visit Green Berries now! :)

Which item do you like most?
Tinay xx

Saturday, November 3, 2012

My first tie dye!

I will show you how my first ever tie dye experience went out. It was basically inspired by Saab Magalona's tie dye tutorial. See her blog post here. It was, and still, the best and easiest tie dye tutorial I've ever watched. Obviously I patterned my tie dye to hers. The outcome looked almost the same. Haha.

As I show you how my first tie dye went, I'll include a how-to-tie-dye tutorial as well. It's almost the same as Saab's, some materials are just different. Some of my materials are some of the usual stuff you can find lying anywhere at your house.

How to tie dye a shirt
1. Gather the materials. White shirt, dye of different colors, rubber bands, gloves, plastic cups and a stirrer.
If you don't have a white shirt, any light colored shirt will do but white shirt will still give you the best results. I don't know where to buy the dye, turned out National Bookstore has it for only 5 pesos per pack. Saab used buckets for her mixtures while I used plastic cups instead. Cheaper indeed. For the stirrer, I used the other end of a walis tingting. Haha. Or you can use a barbeque stick if you have it at home.

2. Mix each dye color with lukewarm water. One color per plastic cup!

3. Wash the shirt so it would get wet. Lay it flat on a flat surface. Pinch the shirt at the middle and twist. Secure it with rubber bands.

4. Pour each color onto the shirt. You may make your own design on whatever you want it. What I did was to pour one color per quadrant. I flipped the shirt and just pour everything.

5. Let it dry.

And this is how it looked like after removing the rubber bands. Good enough for a first timer? Please say yes. Haha. :)

I actually had a lot of dye mixture leftover. So I thought why not try it to other white tops.

I rummaged my closet and found this white spaghetti top that I don't wear anymore. Maybe if I turn this dull top into something colorful, I might actually consider using it again. Experiment time and voila! Just splat and splat and splat the colors!

It was really fun tie dye-ing. Good thing I actually tried doing it. All thanks to Saab! :)

Thank you Mom and Dad for buying the materials. Thank you Jaja for taking the photos. Haha.

So, what can you say about it?
Tinay xx

Suddenly It's Magic

My bestfriend Ijei and I watched Mario Maurer's first Filipino-Thai movie franchise on its opening day. We've been planning to see it together since last week. Guess we both really adore Mario Maurer!

It was pretty good actually. If you are a Mario Maurer fan since his A Little Thing Called Love movie, then this movie is a must-seen for you too. You will definitely love him even more!

Tell you what, during the movie most of the girls went "awww" and "ohhh!" everytime Mario Maurer's so cute on screen. Even Ijei and I kept on screaming because he's so perfect! Haha. Fan girling much here already. :))

Erich Gonzales also did a very good job! She's very doll-like in the movie, especially that time where she was wearing the pink and dress and the one where she's sleeping at Mario's condo. Pretty girl! And oh her clothes in the movie are so cute and lovely! If you're a fashion enthusiast, you'll love all the clothes she wore so much! Mario's outfits are mostly Penshoppe I guess.

I love how the movie didn't have any kontrabida that will hinder the magic between Mario and Erich. But whatever the twist is, go find it out yourself. :) Baifern or famously known as Nam from ALTCL movie, starred in the movie also. So ALTCL fans, you must see this movie!

Happy cupcake girl! <3 You'll love the rap part mostly! Hahaha. Love the part where Mario confronted Erich's ex-boyfriend. So sweet and cute! Love the part where Erich was with Baifern's boyfriend and they were shouting to Mario and Baifern's fans. Hahaha! :))

Won't spoil any scenes for ya'll, just go to the nearest cinema and see it for yourself.

Rate: 9/10

Will you see it soon?
Tinay xx