Friday, October 28, 2011

Date a Guy Who Writes

Date a guy who writes. Date that someone who doesn’t concern too much being the best looking man in the world. The guy who doesn’t toil for minutes or hours in front of the mirror. He spends an ample time in his room, or on a solitary bench in a public park, or on train and bus stations with his pen and notebook formulating the perfect words, putting life in his lines through wordplay, writing the loveliest poems. He doesn’t mind being alone on weekend nights in the back-alleys or risking his life climbing the roof just to have an unobstructed view of the sky, to muse with the stars and summon a conversation with the moon. He doesn’t mind battling the cold that bites his skin as long as he tunes the right melody for the song he’s writing for your anniversary,or a guaranteed chapter entry on his book, that he is anticipating to give you on your birthday. Yes, he doesn’t loathe the fact that he is stuck in that place, in that moment in time, squeezing his brain, while his friends are out there, in the open drinking to the high of weekend parties, dancing in smoke-filled bars and drowning to barrels and barrels of liquors.
Find a guy who writes, a walking cliché of kill-you-with-words, and when you do, make no mistakes letting him go. His wit, his spontaneity, rapture and heart for aesthetics will suffice for all those romanticism you have in mind. Date that someone who doesn’t kill himself in gyms, just to have the perfect body, the manly facade and never go for the too neat, too clean— you will discover over time that it is dragging and lame having a partner, a man who spends on shower threefold longer than you do. Date a guy who doesn’t dream having the Brad Pitt’s face, but the one who reads, learns and writes like of John Keats romance’s. The one who seeks for Stephen King’s thrill and the war stories of Ernest Hemingway. Date a guy who doesn’t give you a litany of promises lost in the haze of cheap talk, date that someone who acts, who makes you feel you are special even before you find yourself versed in one of his poems, resembling one of his story characters. Date that someone who stays with you, dream with you and writes random nothing on your palm or on your arms, because he fears that the words won’t come out right when he starts speaking them.
Date a guy who writes, the one who can skim the oceans in your eyes and write a line about it, that someone who can swim in it just to string those lines to make a stanza and can drown there if that’s all it takes to combine those stanzas into a beautiful work of poetry. Date a guy who can translate the amber glow in your face into haiku and sonnets. That someone who never tires scribbling his pen in dire search for muslin haze for streaks of clarity.
When that guy asks for your hand, give a sureshot “yes”. He sees life in a general scheme and weighs all the options from there, the same way he chooses the right words, the best point of view and perspectives just to incorporate beauty in his writing. Jumping into conclusion is not his game, he probably learned that it is not practical from a thousand fictional dilemma he wrote. And you will not live in monotony and routines, he can put colors in your days the same way he resorts figurative languages, the same way he puts flowers and butterflies in his words. And your leisure times will not be spent on themed parks, signature shops and wherever-transatlantic-cruise that is, spending the money you saved for a year in just one day. He will teach you to appreciate God’s creation and find happiness in the most mundane of things— on the sun rising behind the trees, the music of birds chirping and the dance of leaves in graceful sways, the breeze that kisses your cheek, your face, touching your heart with a magical feel, all the way to your bones, sunsets and silhouettes, the placid sea and the story behind a seagull or a fishing canoe that blemishes the scene. This list can go on forever, and the guy who writes is birthed with utmost appreciation to this, with sheer gratitude and he has an innate understanding that this whole divinity is meant to be shared with someone.
He might get lost in conversations, and becomes remote in an instant, but you are willing to make it up, because you know, at the back of your head that you are already transcending the touches of reality, lost in the not-so-distant world of make believe, living in the beauty and power of imagination, the world behind the written words.

Saw this blog post on my Tumblr dashboard and I want to share it to my readers, especially the ladies. This might help you. :)

-Tinay xx

Saturday, October 22, 2011

I need cash!!!


It's what I've been asking for!

You see I almost lose all hope of seeing them live coz they've been here in Manila last 2008 and I didn't get to see them. And the chance of getting international bands to play again is the same as you-won't-see-them-ever-again.

So when I saw this photo on facebook, I was all ^_____________^ Now this is a must-watch!

It's like a dream come true! I never thought they'd come back. Thank you Lord for answering my prayer.

I'm pretty sure that 2012 is going to be a blast! With Simple Plan starting my year, what more could I ask for?

Plus! The Summer Set is going here too! OMG! They'll be here in February, by the way Simple Plan is on January 12. Month after month of awesome bands. Let's do this!

I'll. Get. To. See. Stephen. Gomez. Oh. My. God. He is the sex god of all the bassists in the world! Dreams really do come true.

Talking about cash. I have two concerts in line to go to. And I need all the cash I can get. I need all the side lines or stuff like that that I can get to incur money. Pleeeease shower me tons of cash this November! My goal is to reach 4500php until Paskuhan so I can buy the Patron VIP ticket to Simple Plan. But, if I really can't save that much of money, then whatever money I have until Paskuhan, that'll be the amount of ticket that I will buy. I hope I can get to 4.5k till Paskuhan. Please pray for me!

Now, tell me, is 2012 really the end of the world? For me, it's just the beginning. Can't wait! :)

-Tinay xx

Sunday, October 16, 2011


Went to Divisoria today to go christmas tree decor shopping with Yayen and Mama.

Ended up buying these stuff. Hahaha. They're so cute! Can't resist!

 I want to share my happiness with you dear readers! :)

MAC Wonder Woman mascara. Ako pala si Wonder Woman, just thought you should know. :P #happiness1

THESE! I'm going to collect these. Hopefully. :)

Plus, a dozen of cute post-its. Currently obsessed with post-its. :) #happiness2

Did our Christmas tree this afternoon. I designed it! My first time to do it alone. Haha. #happiness3
 Had donut and iced coffee for merienda before getting busy for the Christmas tree.

First look.

FINISHED product!

Toys! #happiness4
The photo above is my Nikon D40 which I haven't named yet for the past 3 years. Haha.

And this is Nikon D7000. New as of Oct.11. Woohoo! Ganda!

Happy Christmas everyone! :)


-Tinay xx


Saturday, October 15, 2011

Skins season 5

Can you remember how obsessed I was with Skins? Ahuh. That was months ago. After finishing Skins seasons 1 to 4, I stopped, and didn't get to watch season 5. I don't know. Maybe I just don't want to have that feeling where after I watched everything all I can say is "That's it? I'm done with Skins?" I don't want to end up saying that.

But today, I started watching Skins season 5. Ended up watching it anyway. I seriously miss this series and I can't resist not watching it. I got to see 2 episodes, Franky's and Rich's.

There's something about this new generation, compared to the other two, especially the first generation. Well, let's say I'm biased cause I really love the first generation. Can't get enough of Sid and Cassie! <3

In this new generation, I don't know who to like at the moment. But let's start with Gracee and Franky. They're pretty cool though.

Basically, I don't know what to expect with this new season which casts a new generation, again. 3rd generation already! Why do they have to change the cast every two seasons? I guess it's their own strategy. I don't know.

Nevertheless, I'm excited to see the full season. Since they're currently shooting for season 6! Yaaaay! There's going to be another season for Skins. Can't wait! :)

-Tinay xx

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Not so busy

Hello sembreak, NOT!

Everyone's having their most-deserve sembreak, except us. Poor pre-service teachers. Guess we just have to deal with this.

But, since, we no longer have college classes to attend to, I got a little dose of free time. The only thing I have to think these past few days and in the next few days is my practicum. No. College. Class.

That's brilliant, don't you see? My schedule's a bit loose which paved way for me to spend more time at home than at school. Which roughly means that:

  • I get to spend less money. My wallet's keep safe in my bag when I'm at home. Nothing can temp me to buy anything. Like nothing.
  • I get to watch my all-time favorite series F.R.I.E.N.D.S. whenever I want to. I don't have to crave for it. I just have to do it!
  • Besides F.R.I.E.N.D.S., I can watch any movie I have in my hard drive whenever I want to. I downloaded a hundred of movies but never had the chance to watch them. And this is the perfect time.
  • I can read any book that I want. I must say, I miss reading Harry Potter. Will start reading HP and the Order of the Phoenix pretty soon.
  • I can listen to music most of the time! And not worrying about anything. :)
  • And I get to do almost anything I want to! Like random stuff I don't usually do.

I guess this is sembreak. Well, it's enough for me though. But I miss my family and friends back there in Naga, nevertheless I enjoy my free time here as well. But I just can't wait to go home on the 25th!

Some random blog that I have to do. Hahaha. Can't think of anything to blog about. Just thought of sharing whatever I am going through this very moment.

I am a mixture of happy, sad, disappointed, grumpy, bored, hyper and homesick feelings.

-Tinay xx


Monday, October 10, 2011

True Love pt.1

Today I started reading the book my friend She lend me, True Love by Robert Fulghum. Found my self smiling every now and then. I know I can finish the book in one sitting but I don't want to yet.

The book suggests that readers should not read it straight through because it could give you a heartburn. And that the books us best of it is read a few at a time.

This book is actually a compilation of the different love stories of real people. What Fulghum did was to put a sign that says "Tell me a short love story and I will buy you a coffee and make you famous" in some coffee shops. And people started to crowd and share their own love story. These people's love stories made up this book.

I read 3 short love stories already and I want to share to you my favorite among these three. I was all "awwww" after reading it and I want you to feel the same way as I did. :)

          When I was a junior in college I took a course in the writing of D.H. Lawrence. I know this sounds really stupid, but I thought this was about Lawrence of Arabia, you know - the eccentric British desert warrior guy. I had seen the movie and I wanted to be him. I was not fully alert in college.

          I went down to the local used book store to get everything they had. I was a little surprised by the titles: The Rainbow, Women in Love, Sons and Lovers, and lady Chatterley's Lover. There was a side of Lawrence of Arabia I didn't know about. The clerk explained. Whoa. Bad news, but I had registered for the course and now I had the books and I needed the credits, so I was stuck. I went home to read.

          Like a lot of college students, I bought used books hoping someone else would already underlined the important stuff. The Lawrence books I bought were thoroughly underlined, and when I flipped through and read some of the paragraphs about making out, I was blown away. This was really hot stuff. To hell with the other Lawrence and the desert, this Lawrence was my kind of guy. And I figured that any girls who were taking this course would be my kind of girls.

          All the books I bought had the same female name in the front. I figured this girl must have taken the course and then sold the books. She really knew what to underline - not only the juicy parts, but the really beautiful passages that were about love, not just sex. I looked her name up in the telephone book and she was there. I figured I'd just call her up and see what happened. I was hoping for anything from a date of the papers she had written. College guys play all the angles.

          I called her up, introduced myself and told her what I wanted. Whoa, again. She was not a girl but a retired college professor of English literature. These books were extras she had sold when she moved to a smaller apartment. She laughed and said she would be glad to have a date with me and she would explain about Lawrence and tell me how to pass the course.

          We liked each other right away. She lived alone and her eyes were failing. She said if I would drive her to the grocery store once a week, she would tutor me in Lawrence. During that semester she woke me up about love and sexuality and women. I spent a lot of time with her. I'm a better man because of her. A long time later I told her if she had been 20 instead of 70 I would have asked her to marry me. She said she would have accepted. She's dead now. I still have her books and her wisdom and her kind love. I got an A in the course, too.

-as told to R.F.

See? That was so lovely. :'>

The next time I got to read another wonderful love story, I'll never hesitate to share it with you readers. :)

-Tinay xx

Friday, October 7, 2011

Youtube night!

I was watching this tutorial video of Lauren Young on how to do a smokey eye when I found myself watching tons of videos on youtube already!

I always hear Ate Laurence yapping about smokey eye but I really haven't had the chance to see how it looked like. That's why I got all giddy to watch Lauren's video.

After watching Lauren's video, I busied myself watching different kinds of video on youtube.

Thought of sharing some of the videos I enjoyed watching.

1. Dance choreos

Moment 4 Life - Nicki Minaj

Mr. Saxobeat - Alexandra Stan

On the Floor - Jennifer Lopez

Moves Like Jagger - Maroon 5 - my fave among these

2. Hair tutorials

Donut hair by Tricia Gosingtian

Simple Curly Side by Tricia Gosingtian - I will try this some time! :)

One-side-up bow by Ericka - this is so cool and easy!

C. Inlove more than ever with Simple Plan. A huge fan since the "Addicted, Perfect and I'm Just A Kid" days.

Astronaut, their newest single. This video just came out 2 weeks ago. Make room for Simple Plan!

And my current favorite-slash-theme song, JET LAG! Been stuck in my head for the rest of the week already. Hahaha. YOU SAY GOOD MORNING WHEN IT'S MIDNIGHT!!! LSS for the whole week already. Ahuh.

And their first ever music video, Addicted. This never gets old.

Plus a lot lot more Simple Plan music videos, concerts and guest appearances. Love love!

-Tinay xx

Pa-Peysbuk nga!

Read this somewhere on Facebook. And I just had to blog it it's so true! Kudos to the one who wrote this.

“PA – PEYSBUK NGA!!!!”. Linya ng estudyante na uubusin ang baon para makapagrent sa isang internet shop. Linya ng isang empleyado pagkadating niya sa opisina at naabutang ginagamit ng katrabaho ang office computer. Linya ng kapitbahay na gustong maki gamit ng internet sa kadahilanang hindi siya nakapagbayad ng bill. At kung sino man ang sinasabihan nila, malamang ang isasagot nito ay.. “teka, log out ko lang..”. Nagpe-facebook din pala.

Facebook. Ang social networking site na lumamon sa myspace at friendster. Ito rin ang pilit kinakaibigan ng ilan pang aspiring forms of social media. Pansinin mo, yung mga bagong kumakaribal sa Facebook e may feature kung saan magrereflect din sa FB account mo ang kung ano mang post mo, gamit ang site nila. Gaya nalang ng twitter, tumblr at kung ano ano pa. Parang pelikula. Pag pinalabas ito sa sinehan sa guadamall (ang mabagsik na mall sa guadalupe), ipapalabas din ito sa sinehan ng MOA. Nagkakaiba nga lang sa level ng urine aroma at dami ng surot sa upuan.

Sa sobrang popularidad nito ay pwede na itong iconsider na necessity. Iba na ngayon. Humans need food, water and facebook. Clothing? Ano ngayon kung nakahubad. At least. nakaporma ka naman sa bago mong profile picture. Pwede na ngang iconsider ang kasalukuyan bilang “The Facebook Era”. Ang panahon kung saan tangap na ang mga bading at tomboy (kaya ikaw, wag na magpanggap, ok na daw, di mo na kelangan mag gym kuno), kung saan mas mahal nang mga tao ang aso kesa sa kapwa nila tao (inday!! ibigay mo ung ulam mo kay brownie, mag skyflakes ka nalang!!!), kung saan lahat ay tumatakbo sa mga marathon, kung saan lahat ay may necklace na ang pendant ay isang mamahaling camera, kung saan papalitan na ng cobra at sting ang dumadaloy sa mga tubo ng NAWASA, kung saan lahat ng statement ay dapat magtapos sa isang uri ng emoticon (uy, tang ina mo, joke. (“,) ). Lahat ito ay bahagi na ng social norm. Lahat tangap na. Pero huwag. Uulitin ko. HUWAG NA HUWAG mong sasabihin, lalo na sa isang pampublikong lugar na. “Ay, wala akong Facebook eh..”. Patay ka dyan brad. Kiss of death yun. Baka bigla kang paskilan ng papel sa noo mo na may nakasulat na EEEWWWW!!!. Baka biglang magkaroon ng caste system sa pinas at lahat ng walang FB account ay mga untouchables. Pwede ring i-ekskomunikado ka ng simbahan katoliko at ipapakalat ito sa mga tweet ng arsobispo.

Kung stalker ka, di na kelangan ng paliwanag kung bakit adik na adik ka sa FB. Pero para sa masa. Ano bang meron dito?

Bukod sa green joke na ibinulong sayo nung tropa mong adik, pwede ka ding magshare ng pictures (aka pix),videos, notes at mga links mula sa iba pang sites. Makikita ito ng mga “friends” mo at pwede silang magkomento dito. Walang limit ang pagpo post. May sense man o wala. Healthy nga daw ito sabi nung mga sociologist. Exercising our rights to free speech daw ito. Pero lahat ba e post-worthy? O karamihan ay nagdadala lang ng badtrip.

Freedom of speech pala ha. Ito ang post ko tungkol sa mga post ng iba. Guilty tayo dito.

1. Iwasan ang pabigla – biglang pagpapalit ng relationship status. Lalo na kung mababaw lang ang dahilan tulad ng late reply sa text o hindi pag iloveyou sayo ang jowa mo kaninang alas tres (sarili nyong 3 o’clock habit). Dahil pag nagka-ayos kayo, at ibinalik mo sa dati ang status mo, ikaw din ang magmumukhang praning.

2. Walang masama kung purong tagalog ang shout out mo. Wag matakot na sabihan nang “uy makata”. Kesa naman panay nga ang english, sablay naman ang grammar at hindi kakikitaan ng sense ang sinabi. (iba ang you’re sa your).

3. Check in. Ang post kung saan sinasabi ang kasalukuyan mong lokasyon. Positibo. Pwedeng maging safety precaution. At least alam nila kung saan ka huling pumunta sakaling di ka mahagilap ng ilang araw. Negatibo. Easy prey ka sa mga serial killers o sa kaibigan na may galit sayo. (Ingat ka silvestre. hehehe)

4. May “about you” page ang FB. Dun mo isusulat ang mga hilig mo. Di mo na kelangan pang magpost ng magpost ng mga youtube videos nila Ozzy Osbourne, Metallica o Korn para ipagdiinan na rakista ka. Ikaw din, baka mahirapan kang panindigan. Lalo na pag tumugtog na ang paborito mong kanta ni Katy Perry. Napaindak at sing along si kumag.

5. Hindi kelangan magpost ng mga litrato o video nang iniembalsamo o bangkay na durog durog ang katawan at labas ang mga laman loob. Palit kaya kayo nung andun sa picture. Ako naman ang magpopost.

6. Magtira ng konting privacy para sa sarili. Hindi lahat ng bagay ay dapat ishare. Lalo na sa social media. Sarilinin mo nalang ang gusot sa pamilya o away mag asawa. Pribado na yon. Post ka ng post, tapos mababadtrip ka kung gagawing pulutan sa inuman ang kwento ng buhay mo.

7. Ok lang ipost ang mga bago mong gamit. Gaya ng mga gadget, damit o accessories. Natural lang maging proud ka lalo na kung pinaghirapan mo o importanteng tao ang nagbigay sayo nito. Di lang siguro tama na sabihing “hay nakakapagod na magshopping, andami ko kasi pinamili”.

8. Kung sakaling may nagpost ng malungkot o kaya’y tungkol sa isang masamang pangyayari sa kanila, wag mong i-like. Ano yun? Nagustuhan mo pa na sumemplang siya sa kanal.

9. Wag mong i-like ang sarili mong post. Kaya nga pinost mo in the first place. Mas malala kung ikaw din ang magcocomment. Parang loner ka naman nun.

10. Wag kang basta basta magpost ng nakakagagong comment, lalo na sa mga picture kung saan may mga taong di mo kilala. Halimbawa: “Pre, sino yang kasama mo sa pic? si Bella Flores?”. Huli mo na nalaman. Girlfriend pala niya yun.

11. Kung sakaling may nagpost ng matino at informative na mensahe. Magpasalamat. Huwag mag angas sabay comment nang “ay luma na yan, huli kana sa balita” o kaya “wala, kalokohan lang yan”. Wag kang magmagaling. Matalino kaba na parang si Rizal? E di pabaril ka sa Luneta.

12. Wag gamitin ang FB para magpakalat ng maling impormasyon at maghatid ng mass hysteria. Pero kung sino man ang napost na aabot dito ang radiation sa japan. Nagpapasalamat sayo ang manufacturer ng Betadine.

13. Wag sumali at i-like ang isang fan page kung puro kagaguhan lang ang ipopost mo sa wall nito. Halimbawa, nagpamember ka sa page ng isang seksing artista tapos mag cocomment ka lang ng “uy, sarap mo naman, parang mainit na lugaw sa malamig sa madaling araw”. Tapos magtataka, “hala.. bakit ako na banned?”.

14. Hindi lang ikaw ang may gustong manood ng sine. Wag kang mag post ng mga spoilers na maaaring ikabadtrip ng iba. “just watched Nardong Putik: Ang Pagbabalik Ni Totoy Burak, ganda ng ending, napatay nya ung kontra bida sa pamamagitan ng pagpukpok sa ulo ng isang palayok, pero sad dahil huli na nang malaman nya na tatay niya pala yun..”.

15. Di naman ata kelangan simulan ang post mo sa salitang “Damn!!” o kaya “Oh gosh” lalo na kung di naman malubha o kagulat gulat ang pangyayari. Halimbawa: “oh gosh, umuulan”. Taga saudi???

16. Wag matawa at kantyawan kung corny o masyadong romantiko ang isang post. Tandaan mo, magmamahal ka din. Lintik lang ang walang ganti. Dami kong kilalang ganyan.

17. Ok lang siguro ipost kung ano at kung saan ka kumakain. Iwasan lang yung pagpopost ng close up pictures nung pagkain mismo. Marami ang nagpapalipas ng gutom sa pamamagitan ng Facebook. Sino ka para inggitin sila. Parang yung feeling na, asa air-con bus ka, pauwi sa bahay at gutom tapos may kumag na kakain ng burger at fries. Langhap mo ang bawat kagat niya. Di maka tao. Dapat palitan ang pangalan niya. Gawing Lucifer.

18. Ok lang siguro ang mag post sa paraang Jejemon. Trip mo yun e. Wag mo nga lang asahan na seseryosohin ka kahit matino ang gusto mong sabihin. Expect mo rin na lahat ng comment sayo e magtatapos sa “jejejeje”.

19. Wag magimbita sa isang okasyon gamit ang shout out mo, tapos may ita-tag ka lang na piling tao. Bangag kaba? Makikita ng lahat ng “friends” mo na iilan lang ang gusto mo papuntahin sa nasabing okasyon.


21. Sapat naman na siguro ang tatlong exclamation point para ipaalam sa bumabasa na puno ng emosyon ang post mo. Di mo kelangan punuin ng punctuations porket walang bayad ang extra characters tulad ng sa text messaging. Halimbawa. Pakyu ka!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Mali yun. Dapat. Pakyu ka!!!

22. Iwasang magpost kung ikaw ay (a) lasing, (b) nasa impluwensya ng ipinagbabawal na gamot o (c) hindi tinirahan ng ulam. Walang gustong makabasa ng pag aamok mo na puno ng mali maling spelling. Kung sakaling nakakaramdam ng “FB rage”, magpahid ng menthol toothpaste sa mga palad, at itampal tampal sa mukha mo hanggang sa kumalma.

23. Oo, dapat sulitin ang unlimited surfing na maghapon mong binantayan para lang maregister. Pero di ibig sabihin nun na post lang ng post. Halimbawa, ang ilalagay mo sa shout out mo e tatlong magkakasunond na tuldok. Ano yun? Buti pa quote nalang. Time is gold.

24. Wag trigger happy sa “share” button. Hindi porket di nagappear sa profile page ang mabangis mong status message e kelangan mong tiktikin ang pagpindot. Antayin mo lang. Mamaya ilang beses na pala napost. Paulit ulit. Wag kang atat. Lalo na kung ang ipopost mo e “Patience is a virtue”.

25. Wag mong kakumpetensyahin ang youtube sa dami ng video na nakapost sa wall mo. OK lang siguro kung ishare mo ang isang nakakatawang clip kung saan may nag susurfing na pusa o kaya naman e makabuluhang excerpt ng isang documentary. Wag naman yung lahat ng mtv ng kantang marinig mo sa jeep o lahat ng episode ng wow mali.

26. Wag ipahamak ang sarili. Kung sakaling pwede naman palang acronym ang isang term e wag mo na itong buuhin sa iyong post. Loud out loud!!!!.

27. Hindi masamang makisali sa mga occasional drives o campaigns. Tulad ng paggamit ng picture ng nanay mo pag mother’s day o pag post ng mensahe tungkol sa cancer bilang status message mo. Hindi porket di ka nakisali e cool o mas sophisticated ka.

28. Kung may nagcomment o nagpost sa wall mo na di mo kilala ang pangalan pati na ang picture. I-open saglit ang profile. Wag mo agad replyan ng makamandag na “HU U?”. Malay mo, tropa mo pala yun. Binaliktad lang ang pangalan. O kaya naman e dinagdagan ng H. Mhayhumhi Pharhedez.

29. Kung magcocomment ka, halimbawa sa isang picture, iwasang gumamit ng paghahalintulad sa ibang tao lalo na kung kagaguhan lang ang sasabihin mo. Halimbawa, “baduy ng porma mo pre, parang bisaya lang” o kaya “mukha kang magsasaka”. Tandaan, di ka lamang o nakahihigit sa mga bisaya at magsasaka. Ikaw kaya, magpost ka ng video tungkol sa mga unggoy, tapos may magcomment, “ambobobo naman nila, parang ikaw”.

30. Wag kang magatubiling bumati sa mga post tungkol sa panganganak ng isang ina, pagpapakasal ng magsing irog o pagkatangap sa trabaho. Sa magulong mundo, hindi ba’t masarap ishare ang mga positibong pangyayari.

Code of ethics. Wala. Oo. Walang basagan ng trip.

Pero hindi ba mas maganda kung ginagamit mo to sa matinong paraan?

Pa-Peysbuk nga!!!

So anong trip mo? Trulalu noh?

-Tinay xx

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Happy world Teachers' Day

First of all, I would like to greet all my nursery teachers, kindergarten teachers, elementary teachers, high school teachers, college professors and to all the teachers out there a Happy World Teachers' Day!

The best teachers teach from the heart, not from the book.  ~Author Unknown

Some of my students did greet me happy teachers' day too. Which I didn't expect to. Haha. Maybe because I know for sure that I wasn't the best or yet a good teacher to them. Haha. But nonetheless, it feels so good to hear students greeting you a happy teachers' day. Even if you don't really deserve it.

Anyway, pave way to my first and last teachers' day to myself! I bow. Thank you. :)

Happy Teachers' Day to all my co-student-teachers, especially to my co-Math majors!

Being a teacher is being a hero (Kristine Bulatao, 2011).

-Tinay xx