Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Catching Fire

Oh how I searched different bookstores in Manila and here in Naga looking for the Catching Fire book. That was so yesterday. Haha. I posted here how I got my copy of this Suzanne Collins book. :)

When I couldn't find the book elsewhere, I downloaded an eBook copy of this one and started reading using my iPod. I'm too caught up with the first book, Hunger Games, and wanted to continue reading onto the next book even if I don't have the book yet. But I promised myself that I will still buy the book even if I've already read it.

I got to read until chapter 4 before I was able to buy the book and continue reading it by the book. Sometimes I carry it with me whenever I go out. So whenever I got bored, this book got me covered.

Well today I kinda finished reading it. I told myself that I will not leave my room until I finish it. And by 3:45 in the afternoon, end of book two.

There's something about this Hunger Games books. That whenever you finish reading a chapter, you thirst for more. You know what I mean? That feeling, aaaah! I experience that everytime I try to finish a chapter the other half of me wants to sleep and rest while the other half wants to continue reading. The thrill and excitement is so massive!

I can't wait to know the cast. I'm dying to know who will play Finnick, Johanna, Mags, Wiresse and Beetee in the movie. I mean, I hope the characters who will portray them will look like how I imagined them in the book. I pray for no disappointment.

The first sequel, the Hunger Games, was perfect! And with all hopes, the second sequel, Catching Fire, will have more success than the first one, since they've changed the director for Catching Fire. Please don't disappoint us! :)

By the way, I am thankful that Finnick didn't turn out to be a traitor after all. And that he survived the quell, together with Katniss and Peeta and the others.

The way the book ended is so hanging. Like how it ended with Gale saying, "Katniss, there is no District Twelve."

I mean, what happened? I want to knoooooooooow! But I guess I have to read the third book, Mockingjay, to know what happened to Panem, the Capitol and with their uprising. I want to read Mockingjay already but I'll skip for now. Will keep myself busy reading fictions in Wattpad. I'll continue reading Mockingjay later this year.

To you wide readers out there, The Hunger Games is a must-read! :)

-Tinay xx

Monday, May 28, 2012

Caramoan escapade

Our trip to Caramoan made my 2012 summer memorable. Loved everything about this trip!

It was unexpected really. Biglaang trip lang kung baga. It was a Saturday morning when we went to Caramoan, Wednesday before that Saturday lang namin naisipan pumunta ng Caramoan. No early preparation or stuff. Talagang biglaan lang. Haha. But everything was so successful and fun!

By the way, first Saturday of May ata kami pumunta ng Caramoan pero ngayon ko lang na-blog? Sorry about that! I was browsing my blog posts ng mapansin kong wala pa akong blog about our Caramoan trip. Makes me feel like I'm such a loser. Sorry!

This won't be a detailed post about it anymore kasi almost a month ago na yun eh and obviously hindi ko na maalala lahat ng nangyari. Haha. But I've got photos to cover my excuse.

But before that, let me give you a short recap of what happened during our trip, based on what my brain can remember.

We left at 4 am in the morning. Arrived some "place I can't remember" at 6 am. Left our car at that "place I can't remember". Haha. By the way, we were with the Magat family. :) Road a mini boat to Caramoan for 2 hours. So basically we arrived Caramoan at 8 am. Kuya Rodel and the company, our guides, fetch us from the port and welcomed us to the place where we'll stay.  Changed to our bikinis then off to the beach for island hopping. Went from one island to another then to another. We made a stopped for about 6 islands and passed on some since some are being used by the US Survivor thing. Went home at 5 in the afternoon I guess. Had dinner then sleep at 9 pm. Woke at 6 in the morning. Breakfast at 7. Left the place after then off to Caramoan's centro. Bought some souvenirs which I must say is very bitin and few. We then left Caramoan at 10 in the morning and rode a mini boat back to the "place I can't remember". Lunch at Bigg's Goa then home.

Not too much detailed but, at least. Hahaha. :))

The day I actually rode on Harry. Ooops.
Leaving at sunrise.

What's inside the mini boat.
Hello from me and Piye.

Beautiful scenery while we're on our way.

Hello Caramoan! :)

One of the best lunch ever!!!

A very unique type of sand. To tell you, the sands in Caramoan's islands differ from one island to another.

Here's Kuya Rodel (beside me) and Kuya Edmund (the one who's sitting down on brown shirt) who were our tour guides. Thank you!

Bulatao and Magat family, minus Daddy and some of the Magat children.



I am Amiel, the Green warrior. It's cool finding out my second name's on a boat. Haha. Plus a warrior.And it's green pa! Oha!

I enjoy this stuff! I can get to the middle of the ocean without getting drowned or something. No lacoste!



This trip will never be complete without my Pikachu. :)

Lunch at Bigg's.

The end.

I was hoping I can go back to Caramoan for the 2nd time this summer, but sadly no. Maybe next time! And next time I hope I can go with my friends. Yay! Can't wait! :)

Some photos are from my slr while some are from my digi-cam. That's why you can see that the photos do not have the same quality.

-Tinay xx

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

One Direction Up All Night Limited Yearbook Edition

I finally have my own copy. Wahooo! Ever since this baby went on sale in the US, I've been dying to get myself a copy, but, unfortunately we do not have it here in the Philippines, yet. While in the US, this cd is out everywhere especially in Walmart. So I pmed my Mommy Malyn who's in New Jersey, US if she could buy a copy. Well, she said yes. And poof, I am one happy fan. Fangirling all over!

It was last March when I contacted them. They arrived Manila last week, May 16, I guess, and now I have my own copy. Yay yay yay!

This limited edition went available in the Philippines last April something. They had a little launch in SM North Edsa The Block. I don't know if it's still available or out of stock already. Nevertheless, I'm so happy I already have mine.

Mini-photoshoot, expecting it? Hahaha. As always, you know me. :)

 The cd cover art.

It is a book itself, that's why it's a limited yearbook edition. There are photos, tweets, lyrics and stuff about the boys.

Zayn's stickers! <3

The cd itself.

Sample lyrics, WMYB.


 Love these boys forever. <3

-Tinay xx

The Hunger Games books set

I finally have mine! Thank you so much Maixee. It was all because of you. Thank you for informing me about the available stocks in NBS SM San Lazaro. Thank you thank you. :) xx

I've been eying this baby since March but can't find any. I searched everywhere, NBS, Fully Booked and Powerbooks, I got nothing. Out of stock, everywhere. I got to buy the first installment though, The Hunger Games book 1 which I bought for 499php. I even searched the net if someone's selling it in second hand, obviously wasn't able to find any.

So I told myself, I just have to wait and never give up searching because I know that I will someday find one. And that someday arrived. Good thing I was in Manila during that time! Haha.

Isn't she lovely? xx

Courtesy of my EJ wage, I got to buy my own set. A set is worth 995 pesos, tell you, I bought a 9-peso pen so my purchase would amount to 1000+ and I could get the free bag from NBS. Hahaha. :))

My set had a little photoshoot the other day. Just proves that I really really miss doing photoshoots. Anyway, here's my 995 pesos.

-Tinay xx