Monday, December 31, 2012

Best of Oh-Twelve

I must say, 2012 has been one of the best years for me! A lot of things happened and here are the top 12 events that made it worth it.

PS. Some of the titles are linked to the blogs I posted about it before. :)

1) Be a Teacher
It was such an overwhelming experience to be able to fulfill a noble profession even for a while. In other words, nakakataba ng puso. Sobra. :)

2) Graduate college with a bachelor degree
All 4 years in college paid of! This is for you Mom and Dad! :)

3) Family trip to Vigan and Caramoan
Because we were not able to do this last year. This the year for it!

4) Opening Green Berries
I had online shops before way back in my first year in college but none of them lasts like this one. I'm so happy I opened Green Berries. It continues to help me seek other opportunities and options where to get money from when I need it the most. And I really love and enjoy what I'm doing!

5) Winning MYX's One Direction CD giveaway
I also learned about One Direction this year, around early of January 2012. And I've been a huge fan since then! That every One Direction giveaway I see, I make sure I will have an entry. Thankfully, I won this one from MYX! Thank you so much for the CD and the mini standee! Love it so much!

6) Entering the College of Science
I'm so used to people asking me what year I am in already and I tell them the story behind it over and over again, that I'm attending school just so I could go into med school and that I already graduated. But nonetheless, a first semester in the College of Science was fun and very challenging for a Math-lover like me.

7) Attend concerts
In this year alone, I was able to attend 5 concerts! That's a new record for me! Usually I only get to attend 2 though, but not this year. It all started with Simple Plan last January, the story behind Jet Lag. Then lots of bands with the Smash Project last March, all thanks to Thea! One of the biggest parties of the year with LMFAO at their Party Rock tour in Manila with my siblings. Barbie-ed with Nicki Minaj last July with my sister Jaja. Right after Nicki was David Cook with my Ninang Pyay for the second time. 2012 was really a concert filled year for me. :)

Simple Plan

The Used - Smash Project

Dashboard Confessional - Smash Project

Cobra Starship - Smash Project

The Cab - Smash Project


Nicki Minaj

David Cook

8) Have my first talk about photography
Who would have thought! Who would have thought that my passion in photography will take me this far? I know! Hahaha. :))

9) Passing the LET
Right after graduation, everyone's been so excited and thrilled about the upcoming board exam for teachers which is called LET. My first plan was to review for LET and start studying science on the 2nd sem, but instead I just went to school and didn't devote any time to review for LET. But thank God, with all my heart, I was able to pass it without the effort of reviewing. What an early Christmas gift!

10) UST grabbing the PCCL Championship
I was in 3rd year high school when UST grabbed its last UAAP champion against Ateneo. In this year's UAAP basketball, we were almost there and were just a bit short. But the team was able to bounce back at the PCCL tournament and won the championship. I'm so happy I was able to witness this win!

Thank you Coach Dopids!

11) Meet new friends
And they're all younger than me! Yung age ko paurong eh! Hahaha. Love you girls! :)

12) Read a lot of books
Another record broken for 2012, the year where I read the most number of books in a year. Woohoo! Yay for 2012! This the year where my being a bookworm grew. The year where I bought a lot of books and the year where I read a lot of books.

And a lot lot more 2012 events that are worth sharing! But these will do. :)

Best year so far, right? And I'm on my way to make 2013 even better!

What's the best thing that happened to you in 2012?
Tinay xx

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Book: Paper Towns

First of all, forgive me if I've been very quiet lately. All the holiday rush sinked me in plus I'm trying my best to just chill and relax during this well-deserved break.

Second, it's been more than a month since I finished reading a book because of the demands in school and in my shop. Nevertheless, I will always find time to do so. And this holiday may be one of those perfect times to start reading again. God I miss reading!

Lastly, this will be the first time that I will be blogging using my iPad so forgive me again if there will be a sudden change with the layout or something, I don't know.


So, Paper Towns!

I've been hearing a lot about John Green and his books this past few months. I decided to buy 2 of his books, Paper Towns and An Abundance of Katherine's. Right after school week was over, I immediately grabbed my copy of Paper Towns and started reading it.

Yesterday, I spent the whole afternoon trying to finish it before I do anything else. And I wanting to finish it badly, only means that I'm really enjoying what I'm reading. If you're a constant reader of my blog and if you've read some of my book reviews, what books I read the most are about romance, but thi
s one's pretty different. But I loved it though!

It's some kind of a mystery-centered book. Like Q's looking for clues and solving problems to find Margo Roth Spiegelman. It's like CSI but not that "hard." Besides they're not solving crimes, they're just looking for someone who's missing.

There's more in the book than love and friends. :)

Just the right amount of humor to chill and relax.

Can't wait to buy The Fault in Our Stars and Looking for Alaska. Will be reading An Abundance of Katherine's soon.

Rate: 5/5

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Diamond Hotel for Christmas Photoblog

Should've blogged about this a long time ago. Same old, same me, backlogging again.

We've been at Diamond Hotel for what knows how many times already. This year alone, it's our 4th and on a Christmas season. Instead of blogging about all the adventures and stuff, I'll just be doing a photoblog. Let the photos speak for themselves. :)

It was on a school day actually, December 7. At the same time, it was a Yellow Day in UST.

And because it's a Friday, expect heavy traffic. That's why we arrived at Diamond Hotel at nearly sunset already.

I was busy watching the UST-ADMU PCCL basketball championship game the instant we arrive. WE WON BABY!

This the reason why we're in yellow :)

Just after balls, craft time!

Buffet time!

Even met some of the soccer boys from Azkals!

Plus Phil Younghusband himself! :)

Good morning!

It's freezing cold inside the room.


That'll do! More Diamond Hotel adventures next year and the year after that! Can't wait! :)

What can you say?
Tinay xx