Tuesday, March 20, 2012

True Love pt.4

It's been so long since I posted an excerpt from Robert Fulgrum's True Love. Here's my 4th favorite love story. While here's the other 3, pt1 pt2 pt3

Actually, I haven't finish the book yet and that makes me such a loser, I know.  I only have like 30 pages left. I must finish this on Monday! Swear. Anywaaaaaaay.

          My mother is forty-five and I'm twenty-five. She and my dad met and married and had me while they were still in college, and as far as I know, they've had a good marriage and a good life.

          When she was going back to her twenty-fifth high school reunion a couple of years ago, she got out her high school yearbook and all her keepsakes from those years and showed them to me. I was amazed to see how much my mom and I looked alike at the same age. We went through the whole yearbook. When she came to one boy's picture, she began to cry.

          The boy's name was Benny, and she went steady with him for three years. They were madly in love, but her parents and his parents were against the relationship because he was Jewish and her parents were Baptists. Benny and my mom wanted to run away together or elope and get married or at least go to the same college. Their parents arranged things so they would go to colleges on the opposite side of the country. Benny and my mom tried to keep things going, but it didn't work. Mom fell in love with my dad, and Benny went to medical school and became a flight surgeon in the air force.

          They met again at the reunion. I don't know what happened. My mom didn't talk about how she felt about seeing him. But I did find out he wasn't married. About a year ago, my mom gave a dinner party and invited me to come and meet some old friends of hers from high school days. When I walked into the living room, I saw one of the most attractive men I've ever seen. Truly tall, dark and handsome. He was introduced to me as Dr. Benjamin --------.

          He was my mom's Benny. And it was love at first sight for him and me.

          To make a long story short, we had a wonderful romance. We kept it a secret at first. It seemed such a crazy thing. We even went to see a psychologist and a marriage counselor. I wanted to make sure it was really me he loved and not my mom. Finally, we decided to get married. We told his parents first, and they said it was fate. When we told mom, she cried and got hysterical and then she laughed. I think both she and my dad are relieved at the way things turned out.

          We got married two months ago. So far, so good. Only time will tell if we did the right thing, but that's true of any marriage. He may have been my mom's Benny once, but he's my Benny now.

-- S.F.G., Louisvillle, KY

The story's a little creepy but hey if it's true love then why not? :)

-Tinay xx


Saturday, March 17, 2012

The making

I said in my other post that I went to chocolate lovers for something that I am planning to do. Well, here it is!

Thought of giving something to my co-Math majors and our two supervising teachers before I graduate. I don't know, maybe a little reminder that I love them like how much I love chocolates. :)

So I went to chocolate lovers last Tuesday and finished it all at night on the same day. And here are photos of what I was all busy about.

Here are the chocolates.
A little sprinkles.

The plastic bag I bought too. 
The box. 

And yes, that's me right thurr. 
Here's what's inside the box. 
I made 20, 18 for my co-Math majors and the other two are for my supervising teachers. 

This is just extra. Haha. I love them <3

-Tinay xx

Thursday, March 15, 2012

My day in 1D gif

Let me describe my day through One Direction .gif's.

Upon seeing my classmates.

But I'm a little sad coz I have to proctor and stand there for more than 1 and a half hour proctoring our students. Talk about getting tired.

Then there's this one student that is so annoying! Eerrrr!

And then I gave my little presents for my classmates. Yay!

While I was reading my twitter feeds, I found out that Liam is currently doing a twitcam! And I am yet in school! OHGAD!!!

So I rushed home fast! Just in case I can still see Liam.

But it was too late. Liam was gone. He has gone for bed already. Damn this different time zone thingy. I wasn't able to watch Liam's twitcam. T_____T

So I just fangirl-ed the entire afternoon.

And here I am. Busy blogging. 

Hahaha. That was fun! What do you think? I wanna do this again some time. Haha. :))

-Tinay xx

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A visit at the Chocolate Factory

I just came here to grab some chocolates for something that I've been planning to do. But if you love baking, this is the best place for you. They've got everything you need! I wish I knew how to bake. Maybe one of these days I can start baking too. :)

These are some of the things they have in store. Sorry for the low quality photos. I don't have any digital camera with me. I only used my blackberry phone to get these.

By the way, it's located near the Welcome Rotonda. In front of Burger King. They are along the way, along Quezon City Avenue but you won't see it right away.

-Tinay xx

Saturday, March 10, 2012

The One Direction crazy obsession

I don't know what's with you people hating on One Direction but they're really really cool. They're funny guys. Trust me. They. Really. Are. FUNNY. Besides the fact that they can really sing, all of 'em look good! That's a hundred plus points!

Since the day I heard What Makes You Beautiful which started as my "lss" for more than a week, it grew to an obsession. And the day after I got their album, that's it, I'm really into them. No more. No less.

I can't explain how much I love them. Basta! I love them with all my heart! Hahaha. Need I say more?

Who are these guys? Meet my boys.

Started as X-factor soloists, was voted out but was grouped by Simon Cowell and thus, One Direction is formed. Sold millions of albums. Won 1 Brit award defeating Adele, Jessie J and other famous British act.

They are crazy. And weird. And funny. And cool.

I know these boys will get far. I'm pretty sure of that. I'm so proud of my boys! Way to go! <3

-Tinay xx

Friday, March 9, 2012

Naga bound

It was a sweet 5-day vacation for all Thomasian students. UST held a faculty retreat in line with the celebration of the Quadricentennial closing.

I know that I'd be bum if I consume these 5 days in Manila, so Jaja and I decided to just head back home for a few days or so.

But was it really a vacation for me? Naaah. More like time-to-do-my-requirements days.

The only time I went out, officially went out, was during the first day. And it was biglaan! I remembered that Miggy Chavez, the man I've been kinababaliwan since high school lang naman, was in Naga. Wohoo for that! Texted some friends and decided to just hang out with them even for a while. Yah know I'd do anything for him. :)

Spent the entire afternoon at Miggy's talk at Ateneo about OPM. Accidentally met my cousin Yani there and decided to hang out after the talk. Gian was there too! Had to take merienda at Caby's Cabana with Yani, Ijei and Gian. Then, Ateneo ACP closing at night. Fun!

And the rest were just me and my laptop, bonding all the way. Finishing requirements for graduation.

Didn't get the chance to hang out with friends after the first day. I was anti-social the whole time! Loser much! Hahaha. :))

Some photos during the 5-day break.

Miggy during his talk. It's hot coz you're here. :))

Ateneo at night. ACP closing.

After the closing, at 7-11, ice cream hits!

I bring these anywhere I go. Just in case I got nothing to do, I have my weapons with me.

SJS! :)

At a medicine talk with Mommy and Daddy. Feeling doctor din. :))

Making my column while in Starbucks.

 Batz, me of course and Jaja.

Mom and Dad.

Last night. Dinner at Borahut.

Their sisig is the best!!!

I'll make sure this summer will be a blast!

-Tinay xx