Sunday, October 27, 2013

Sembreak book reads

Hiiiiiiii! It's been so long since I posted anything in this boring blog of mine. I know I've said that I'll update my blog a hundred times and I wasn't able to but this time I'm really doing it!

To tell you the truth I'm actually in my pajamas already while blogging this because I really am ready to sleep but I know I just have to blog this before I go to sleep. I won't be able to sleep without the thought that I was able to publish this, okay? :p

My last blog post was last August 30 pa and to think that I didn't post anything in the month of September. Was I that too busy to not to update? So please forgive me if my side bar (look to the right) is not updated yet. I'm not 21 for all I hope I am. Haha. Anywaaaaaaay.

I know I got too caught up with medschool for the past months and I haven't got time to read any book, but I think I managed to finish 3 books while in medschool. Horay but not quite.

To make it up from my lost of time to read, I promised myself that this sembreak I will read myself to the fullest. I am going to read myself until my eyes can't take it anymore. I'm going to spend my entire sembreak reading books. Yup that's me.

So far, 2 weeks since the sembreak started, I got to finish 6 books already, which I think is cool enough. I'm not a fast reader to begin with so 6 books in 2 weeks is pretty fine with me.

Here are the books I got to finish so far. Took this screenshot from my goodreads account.

Starters was good. Almost the same as Stephenie Meyer's The Host. Can't wait to read its sequel Enders. Maybe soon.

Operation: Break the Casanova's Heart is funny and romantic. Love how the book has a lot of song excerpts mostly from Taylor Swift plus Paramore's Misery Business. Do you know how much I love that band?

South Beach Sizzle is plain cool and very light read. It's full of music too that was basically reggae and cool that we mostly hear from the south beach.

Now we begin with one of the best series, ever, The Selection by Kiera Cass. I think she's briliiant! Thank you so much for these books.

The Selection, book 1. If you want to know the plot, go read it from goodreads because I don't want to narrate it here just so. I didn't expect myself to like this book so much.

Here's America who entered The Selection competing with 34 other girls to win over Prince Maxon's heart.

Who'd have thought! Who'd have thought America would get this far! Prince Maxon's the sweetest prince I've ever met (as if I really met him though), okay I've ever encountered in a book. Have you ever been in love with a fictional character that it hurts you because you know it's just a fictional character and it's very impossible? I know just how you feel my dear.

Then here's Aspen who happens to have America's heart before she entered The Selection but chose to break it even before The Selection starts. He then shows up in the palace as a guard just as when America and Prince Maxon are closely getting into each other. I loooove all the thrill this book is giving me.

From 35 girls, Prince Maxon had to cut them down to only 6, which are now called The Elite.

The Elite, book 2. Now with only 6 girls left, Prince Maxon has to choose only 1 girl to be his princess and the love of his life.

If my head and heart could scream, they would definitely scream Lady America's name, obviously. Celeste's such a btch, Natalie's boring, Elise is a user, Kriss is sweet but not as America's, and Marlee is, well, she has Carter already.

Let's talk about Prince Maxon. I just said that he's the sweetest, right? Well, he really is. He is willing to do everything, anything for America, but America right here can't get herself right. She's having second thoughts between Prince Maxon and Aspen. Oh please girl, please let Prince Maxon win your heart.

The book almost had me crying. T_T It's just so sad how everything is falling apart between America and Prince Maxon just because America can't get her feelings straight. If I were her, I'd definitely, no second thoughts, in no doubt, choose Prince Maxon over Aspen. I know Aspen's her first love and her first of many things, but he chose to let that all go when she entered The Selection and let his head win over his heart. Prince Maxon has my vote now and he deserves someone like America. He deserves someone who would reciprocate the effort and love he always offer. Why not pick me instead Prince Maxon? Mehehe.

The Elite ended so bitin!!! Why Kiera! Whyyy!!! Tapos the third book, The One, is to be released on March 2014 pa. I'm so bitiiiiin! I want to know what will happen among America, Prince Maxon, Aspen, the king and the 3 other girls in the palace already. I can't wait for that day to come, the day that I will start reading The One already.

By the way, I only got to read the ebook versions of the book. I'll wait for a boxset series of the trilogy before I buy the set. Don't worry, I am definitely buying these books even if I was finished already. They do deserve a spot on my library. :)

And about the 5th book, The Prince, it's a short book about the prince, Prince Maxon. It's cool to get to know how the prince was before The Selection. There's another one about Aspen though, The Guard I think, but I haven't read that one yet. It isn't available I guess. But, if you're wondering, yes, I'm buying those two too when they're in the market already.

There's so much more I wanted to say about America, Prince Maxon and Aspen but I don't want to spoil anyone else. You just have to read them yourselves if you want to find out.

But I'm warning you, prepare your hearts, because it's going to be a battle between love and crown.


A quick detour here. As some of you may now my 2013 Reading Challenge, to update you guys, I know I'm going to fail this one, I didn't expect medschool to be this demanding haha. I was aiming to read 50 books this year and so far my progress is only 17 books. I know I know I know don't scold me there hey.

I still hope I get to finish until 25 though. Atleast half will do the justice.

My next read would be Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins. It's a re-read by the way. I've read it some time last summer 2012. I just want to read it again to supplement myself for its upcoming movie this November which I can't wait to see! :)

That's it I guess! Have to go to bed already! Good night! And thank you soooo muuuuch for reading this long blog post of mine. Thank you thank you.

Lady Kristine xx