Monday, September 24, 2012

Signum: The EJ Campus Journalism Seminar

Posted a blog about it before the talk, here.

Basically, I just had my first ever photography and arts talk. Me, speaker? I mean yes! First ever! And I'm very happy about it. Thank you so much Education Journal for the wonderful experience. I'm just hoping that it'll not be my last though. Haha. I looooove sharing what I know, especially when it comes to stuff where I know I am very knowledgeable of. I don't know, my experience in EJ has taught me well. :)

But before I show you some of the happenings at the seminar, let me show you what I wore. Parang fashion blogger eh noh? Haha. I rarely wear something very girly! I'm a t-shirt-shorts-sneakers kind of girl. So, here's a photo of me wearing a skirt for a change. Don't fret. Just laugh. Hahaha. :))

I'm the second speaker so here's Rommel, the first speaker who talked about News and Features Writing.

As for me, I don't have any photo of me while I'm having my talk. :(( My camera's with me because I need it once in a while to demo some of the techniques chorva. So unfortunately, you know. But here's one of the techniques/tips/effect that I showed the audience, the burst effect, one of my personal favorites.

After my talk was lunch at the EJ office. I miss this kind of scenery!

Say hello to the new EJ faces! :)

Meet the speakers.

Speaker after lunch is Jayvee, na Christian Grey ang peg ng outfit. He shared a lot of knowledge about layout-ing and design. I learned a lot though, since I'm also into layout and design stuff.

Jayvee isn't the last speaker by the way, it's Kent. But I wasn't able to attend to his talk because I need to go home immediately for reasons I won't tell you. =p Haha.

Meet EJ's editor-in-chief, Ralph Sekito and the two project heads of Signum, Will Perin and Marijoe Banson. Good job guys!

Here's my own certificate pala! Yaaaaay! I love it so much! Nice one Will and Marijoe! Harry Potter inspired pa talaga kaya I love it so much! Huge Potterhead here! Haha. :) Plus here's my check too! But I blurred the amount though. Sosyal naka check. Haha. :))

Had so much fun! It was a great pleasure to share my knowledge to where I got it. Just returning back the favor.

Thank you so much Education Journal! I miss everyone! :)

Your photographer and arts editor,
Tinay xx

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Thursday, September 20, 2012

UST-ADMU Round 2

I almost forgot to blog about this already. Sorry. Haha. Been veeeeeeery busy lately with school, Green Berries and LET preparation.

Going back, it was a very crucial game for our team. Unfortunately, we did not make it. We were short for just quite a bit! There were a lot of tough calls during the game where it favors the other team a lot, that's why the referees of that game were currently suspended. See? There should be a rematch really!

If I write more about this game I'll just be nagging on how and why we lost. That's why I will just post photos of the game instead. PLUS! I finally brought my SLR! Wohoo! So expect high-res basketball photos. Yay! :)

And today, our boys just won against the UE Red Warriors. Now we're back on the 2nd spot with the FEU Tamarraws. Our final spot will just depend on how the NU-FEU match on Sunday will turn out. Hope NU wins though so we're solo on the 2nd spot and will have a twice-to-beat advantage. If FEU wins on Sunday, we'll have to deal with FEU again for 2nd spot. And we won't let that happen right? So, let's go NU! Hahaha :)

Till our next ball game,
Tinay xx

Monday, September 17, 2012

So much work. So little motivation.

No blog post in a week! Been very very busy these past few days.

I was in and out of everything apparently. Even though in twitter, I barely update, just quotes but not too much personal stuff.

This will be a quick one since I still have to study for my chem lec quiz tomorrow.

Let me show you why I was so busy these past few days through my Instagram photos, though they do not quite describe how busy I was/am, at least they're still a bit helpful for you to picture it out.

  • Had to review for LET as it is fast approaching already. And I've been getting low scores based on my review book which is really depressing. :((
  • Tried to make pancakes again. It's been years since I made my last pancakes and I kind of forgot how to make them. Haha. So I'm bringing back the old times.
  • Went to "Heaven" twice last week. More new stuff!
  • No constant progress on reading Fifty Shades Freed. I had like 4 to 5 days without reading it. It's frustrating how I don't have time to read considering it's my favorite past time nowadays.
  • It was the guidance councilor's week 2 weeks ago they said, that's why they have Krispy Kreme booth inside the main building. Got to buy one of my favorites, Snickers!
  • Friday traffic as usual.
  • Yellow on a Saturday coz it's a UST game ball day! Watched the game against UP. Thank God UST came back and won the game. I'm almost at the verge of losing hope! Haha.

  • I was busy doing my power point presentation for my first talk ever. It's about photography and arts. I blogged about it here.
  • I also did a quick product shoot for Green Berries.
  • Errands and more errands plus Chicosci on GGV.
  • Monday volleyball at UST.
  • Finally! Had to brew coffee again! I miss using our coffee maker. Plus it's Starbucks coffee I'm brewing now. Yay!
  • Chem lab experiments which turned out pretty well considering how much I love Harry Potter that it felt like we were in Snape's potion class.
  • Got my new lens cup already! Yaaay!

  • Watched the UST-ADMU game last Saturday with my sister. Besides getting lost, we had a very hard time getting home because of the rain madness that night.
  • Thank God Sir Yambao was absent last Thursday so I was able to do important errands using his free cut.
  • Still working on my power point.
  • The talk was cancelled. It was a good call anyway. The weather was really really bad. It even flooded here at our place.

Besides all that stuff:

  • Green Berries has been getting a lot of orders these few weeks. Which is a very good news! My online business is starting to grow. :)
  • I am still a student. So I have school responsibilities which I need to prioritize too. I have experiments, homeworks and quizzes.
  • My iPod is working badly on me. :( I don't know why. It's been nagloloko lately. All my songs and books got deleted by itself! WTF. Really. Now I have to sync them all over again. :((
  • But so far, the UAAP schedule is working good on me, besides Thursday though coz I got classes till 4:30 in the afternoon. But it's all good.
  • I can't go out with my friends. I miss hanging out. I feel so left out already.

SO MUCH WORK. SO LITTLE MOTIVATION. The quote I'm living in at the moment.

I swear after the LET on Sept.30 and my finals on October, I will be living my life! I'm gonna party hard! Hahaha. But with limits, still. I'm going to get the break I deserve.

That's it! Gotta rush! Still gotta study for my chem lec quiz tomorrow. Hope classes don't get suspended, AGAIN, coz I really hate it when I study then there's no classes I tend to forget what I studied! Haha. :))

Byers. x

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Signum: The Education Journal Campus Journalism Seminar

As far as I know I am one of the speakers. OMG.

I thought Ralph, the current EIC of the Education Journal, was just kidding when he was trying to ask me to be one of the speakers. Guess I was wrong. Haha.

Let me introduce myself, I'm Kristine Bulatao, former Education Journal Photographer and Arts Editor. I was a photographer under EJ for 3 years and their Arts Editor in my last year. It was my pleasure to serve my college with my abilities, skills and knowledge. CHOS.

What I'm really trying to say is, I don't know what to do. I currently have a huge bubble above my head that says, HELP!

The seminar is in less than a week (see poster for details). And I haven't prepared anything yet. Maybe I have my camera with me and a few slides on my powerpoint but there's nothing more than that.

I am going to talk about Photojournalism, Photography and Arts, by the way. Currently, my powerpoint presentation has 30+ slides. Improvement I must say!

I. Am. So. Nervous. This will be my first talk and and and .......

Just wish me luck, please? I'll do the best that I can to share whatever I know about those topics I said above.

Obviously, the seminar is Harry Potter based. And a huge Potterhead that I am, I am so excited! Weeee!

Gotta rush! I still have to work on my power point. Wish me luck, please?

Tinay xx

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Sneak peak on my new playlist

I tweeted a couple of nights ago that I was running through Youtube for new good songs. So I was basically having one of my so-called "Youtube nights." I purposely just made that up.

And here are some of the new songs I just found. Thought of sharing it to you guys just in case you're looking for new songs to listen to. This blog post might just help you.

1. Don't Wake Me Up - Chris Brown
2. Wings - Little Mix
3. We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together - Taylor Swift
4. I Can Only Imagine - David Guetta ft. Chris Brown & Lil Wayne
5. Good Time - Owl City ft. Carly Rae Jespen
6. Goin' In - Jennifer Lopez ft. Florida
7. Scream - Usher
8. Turn Up the Love - Far East Movement ft. Cover Drive (and their Dirty Bass album)
9. Wonderwall - One Direction (Cover)
10. I'm Yours - One Direction (Cover)
11. Your Song - Parokya Ni Edgar Inuman Sessions Vol.2

Most of these are feel good songs because I was in such good mood during that night. Haha. Just spreading the good vibes here. (y)

I'm still in search for new songs though. It's been months since I last updated my iTunes music library and I know it's hungry for more music.

More albums are about to release very soon! Namely One Direction, Taylor Swift, Paramore and Chicosci. My iTunes music library will be fully satisfied with their songs. Can't wait!

That's it for now! Just a quick blog post for tonight. Just wanna share what I have on my new playlist.

Enjoy your new music! :)

Good vibes for you,
Tinay xx

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

UST-DLSU Round 2

The game was scheduled on a wednesday noon. Thank God I only have my 9-11 class during wednesdays so I was able to watch the game live. I was with my childhood friends and classmates, and by childhood classmates I mean really childhood classmates, since our nursery days the three of us are already classmates. Until we reached college, we may not be classmates but we all came from the same university, UST. Anyway, it's about time I spend some quality time with people at my age. And this was one of those perfect times, UAAP ball game!

We made it just in time for the 1st quarter. Thought we're going to miss the first half though. It was Axl's fault really. Haha. :p

Was with Axl and Joseph by the way. I haven't mentioned who I was with yet. Sorry 'bout that. :)

Unfortunately, we lost. It was really a heartbreaking lost. Mariano and Afuang got fouled out. Teng's offense and defense are not working. And the ever tight defense of Ferrer did not work too. It was all about defense why our boys from UST lost. It was a hard fight. And I congratulate the boys from the DLSU team for winning. No hard feelings. It was just a game. :)

Axl, Joseph and I were one of the abangers after the game. I think we wait for a good 1 hour and a few minutes before the players showed up.

The boys were so upset about the lost. I know, it was a very crucial and important game for the team. But the boys still managed to smile for the cameras. Thank you boys!

Hello Coach Dopids! :)

Idol Aljon. Look how sad he looks in this photo. :( I need a better photo with him next time! And he must be happy and smiling too. :) *look at the guy behind Aljon haha

BOY YOU GOT MY HEART BEAT RUNNING AWAY! Imagine how fast my heart was beating at that time. I love this baller since his rookie year in UST. Plus I have his UST jersey. Yay!

Jeric "Bang bang" Teng, his new middle name. Haha. Hi Ponzi! :p

Nahiya naman ako sa height ni Abdul! It's depressing. Haha. :((

Tata is the sweetest. He was just standing beside their bus then I approached him talaga ng basta basta lang. So bait and sweet. That hand over my shoulder, that's the hand of the best 3-point shooter this season! Yeah!

I got photos with the famous UST big heads too. Mga pauso ng UST. Very unique talaga. :)

After all the buzz with the boys, Axl and I went to Starbucks to avail the half-priced promo. Spent a lot of time in Starbucks for chika and stuff. God I miss my friends! Catching up is something I really must do once in a while. I noticed that I've been so left behind with everything. Guess I'm really busy with everything right now but I know, being busy is not a good excuse.

Anyway, I learned an alternative and cheaper way to get home from MOA besides taking the cab. Haha. There's an FX pala there who pass by UST for only 40php. Plus the jeep-LRT-jeep from UST to MOA. Now I know! And now it's easier and cheaper to get back and forth from UST and MOA.

Thank you Axl and Joseph! Till our next UAAP ball game together! :)

Next up! UST vs UP this Saturday, September 8, 2012 at the MOA Arena. Show them the spirit of the Yellow crowd! Go USTe!

I will not watch the game this Saturday though but I will be 101% present on the UST-ADMU game on Sept. 15 at the MOA Arena. I have a talk in the morning though so after my talk I have to rush and go support our boys. AND I'M BRINGING MY SLR THIS TIME!!!

For UST, let's go fight! One for UST!

How'd you love the yellow crowd?
Tinay xx