Sunday, October 28, 2012


I've been missing in action for like what? More than 2 weeks already. I miss my blog more than anything right now. So I really need to post something to give my blog its much deserved life back.

Let me show you what I've been very busy with with the last 2 weeks, my online shop Green Berries! I'm so into it that I even forget to update my blog. My bad. Hahaha. I want to show you some of the items we sell in our shop. Scroll please. :)

They all look so pretty, don't they? And they are all very affordable! Just visit our shop here and check out their prices and availability.

You won't regret it I swear.

Plus, these cute and fashionable accessories can spice up your looks this holiday! Goooo! :)

What's your favorite item?
Tinay xx

Saturday, October 13, 2012

THE Fifty Shades

After weeks of reading Fifty Shades Freed, I finally finished it! Exactly 3 weeks ago from today though, just had the time to blog about it today. Hahaha. I know it's too late, but never the less!

I badly want to finish the series already but I don't want to leave it all behind. You know, it was a fun adventure together with Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele-slash-Grey. I got to "see" a lot of stuff in a different perspective I know I'll never see in real life, if you know what I mean. It's kinda sad leaving them behind, though everything was so fun and full of surprises. I don't know, I guess I just really miss Christian and Ana.

Just like my previous post about Fifty Shades Darker, this blog post shall be full of book photos, emphasizing some of my favorite parts. You've been warned.

The control freak.

Free sex education from the one and only Christian Grey.

So Christian Grey!

But he can be really sweet though.

That kilig vibes when he calls you baby. :)

Please. He's everything you could ask for for a man.

I really love their email conversations!

I wish.

Until now I still have the Fifty Shades hangover and I don't know when this will last. Maybe until I see the movie? If ever there will be. And my fingers are still crossed hoping that Matt Boomer shall play the role of Christian Grey. No other man, just Matt Boomer please. :)

If you wanna check out my other posts about the series you may click here, here and here.

Now I'm up to my next read. It's entitled Fool Me Once by Fern Michaels. It's actually my Mom's book but I asked her if I could read it first. The summary is so convincing! I started reading it right after Fifty Shades Freed but I had to stop for a couple of weeks to prepare for my board exam and final exams. But now that it's sembreak already, it's time for me to catch up on my reading. :)

What can you say about the Fifty Shades series?
Tinay xx

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

I miss my baby

And when I say baby I mean my blog.

My last blog post was last Sept. 24 pa pala. That's almost 2 weeks from today! Been very very busy lately, exhibit A LET board exam. That was huge! Haha. :))

Let me show you what I've been up to since my last blog post through my instagram posts. :)

1. Breakfast for one morning, a slice of pizza and some pesto pasta.
2. Mushroom Swiss from Burger King care of Ninong Bin. Yaay!
3. An abundance of ketchup, that's a must when we go to Burger King. :p
4. Tried experimenting using a clock charm.
5. The book I'm currently reading. Done with Fifty Shades trilogy already!
6. UP for an instagram #fmsphotoaday entry.
7. My last photo for Fifty Shades Freed. I miss Christian and Ana so bad.
8. My new collection on Green Berries. Neon and spikes!
9. Submitted a photo for Moonleaf's 2013 planner.

1. Experimented on some strings and cords for Green Berries.
2. Physics experiment on voltage and stuff.
3. One fridate with Magic Mike.
4. Last push for LET. Review time!
5. Frame entry for instagram's #fmsphotoaday.
6. Just some new stuff I got.
7. One afternoon in UST reviewing my majors in Math.
8. That day when we saw Jeric and Aljon.
9. My majors and the teacher.

1. Just this morning! Tried a new brand of coffee.
2. Yummy Taylor Lautner for lunch! Hahaha.
3. Effin' fvcking philpost where I waited for 3 and a half hours. Ugh. So pissed.
4. Arm party last tuesday while studying for chem lab.
5. Me and my One Direction shirt :)
6. Me years ago. Hahaha. =))
7. Because I'm done with the board exam, I got to bond with my tools!
8. God's message for me that I got from facebook. Very timely for the LET.
9. Just some choco burst from Faronccino.

I still have a lot of back blogs that I want to post but can't still find a time to do so. Hopefully this weekend or right after finals. Wish me luck!

How was your week too?
Tinay xx