Sunday, April 10, 2011

Best friends

Spent my last day in Naga with my 2 best friends.

Lunch date with Ijei at KFC, SM Naga. Then off to Calauag to visit Carmella. Bonding much! This be my second time to spend my last day in Naga with them. So happy!

Like what normal best friends do when they're together, gossips. Hahaha. So you, you, you and you, with this and that and being here and there. =))

Stayed there for an hour coz I have to leave and Ijei have to be at her job. But we badly wanted to stay longer! So bitin!

Either way, I took some photos of us. Plus our baby!

Cute little baby! So adorbs! :D

Till we meet again my lovely best friends. It feels so good to know that I have lovely reasons why I have to be back. Big hug, little hug, big kisses, little kisses. <3

-Tinay xx

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