Wednesday, April 13, 2011

No Strings Attached

We were at the gym that Tuesday evening, side by side at the treadmills. I was doing a light jog, he was in the middle of his regular sprint, when I said it.

"I've been dating a younger guy."

He caught himself on the rails and held on, but was still laughing. "Is this the same guy from Batangas? How much younger?"

I sighed. "Five years."

In No Strings Attached, Mina V. Esguerra introduces a class act in smart and reliable Carla. She’s so good at her job she can make miracles happen at the last minute, but while most of her girlfriends are married, Carla’s still single and fast approaching 30. Enter Dante, a sexy, if arrogant, man who injects a little excitement in Carla's life when they start dating. The only catch is he's five years younger than her. Her guy best friend tells her to just enjoy the ride, but there's a niggling thought of the back of Carla's head warning her that Dante’s too good to be true.

Bought this book December of last year. Spent my New Year in Naga and sadly left it there until summer vacation. Got to hold the book after an almost 2-week stay in Naga last week. Started reading it two days ago and was able to finish it last night while we're at SM.

This material is for young adults that ranges from 18-year old and above. Some scenes are not suitable for young ages.

Basically, it focuses on the love story of a 29-year old lady who's turning three-zero in a few months who fell in love with a 24-year old guy. They say that in a relationship the man should be older or of the same age of the woman than the man younger than the woman for it to be able to work out. Well, this book will prove you wrong.

Age doesn't matter in any way. If you love that person, go for it! Nothing's stopping you, only yourself.

I had liked a guy younger than me though. I say it's not really that hard. You just have to be true to yourself and to him. Be open and never tell lies. Hated by telling the truth than loved by telling a lie is way better.

I love how this book describes the possible fortunes and misfortunes of having a younger boyfriend. And you've got to be ready. Your family may be fine with it but the biggest problem will be your friends.

Does it tickle you? Go buy and read the book for P150 only on leading National Bookstores! It can at least save you from boredom this summer. :)

-Tinay xx

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