Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Everyone has his own story to tell.

Sid went to New York to find Cassie. I know he really loves her. She's just going through a lot that's why she ran away. Cassie loves Sid forever <3

They are obviously my favorite casts from the series. I've mentioned in my previous post how much I love them and why. I swear, I really do love them. Though I said that I had to hate Sid because of what he did for Cassie, but still, I love them both.

And look what I found! A very cute drawing of them. I want to draw them too! <333

Tony and Michelle are getting better. They are taking it slow. I guess that's what you do when you really love someone.

Too disappointing that Chris had to die. It's not a good way to end the series though. I wanted him to live since he and Jal are happy together and will soon be parents.

Maxxie pursue his dreams of becoming a dancer. He went to London with his boyfriend James. Anwar went with them. Maxxie and Anwar, bestfriends till the end. I love how they were able to be bestfriends even if Maxxie's gay and Anwar's a Muslim. I salute them.

Plus I love this photo of them. Hahaha! Anwar looks just like Maxxie! =)))

Tadaaa! I'm done watching Skins seasons 1 & 2. It's just sad that from season 3 onwards all of 'em are not included in the cast anymore. Since they no longer are teens, Effy, Tony's little sister is taking over. A new batch of Skins characters are going to bloom.

Tony's pretty little sister, Effy.

So long Skins 1 & 2. I will forever love you. Especially Sid&Cassie.

And hello new Skins cast! Will prolly start watching on Thursday.


-Tinay xx

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