Wednesday, June 1, 2011


I am not a fan of series nor watching TV, but I swear Skins got my attention.

I only watch Friends. That was before. Now I got Skins to add to my list of TV must-watch!

Meet the cast.

Above: Anwar, Maxxie, Sid, Chris Below: Effy, Jal, Cassie, Michelle, Tony.

Tony who's bestfriends with Sid who both like Michelle but preferred Tony. Cassie likes Sid but Sid likes Michelle but in the end Sid loved Cassie. Anwar and Maxxie were bestfriends. Anwar's a Muslim while Maxxie's gay. Jal is bestfriends with Michelle. Chris who likes their psychology teacher. And Effy, Tony's little sister.

But the characters that I learned to love the most were Sid and Cassie. They look so cute together! I love how down-to-earth Sid is and how Cassie expresses herself. They are so good together.

I'm so excited to see Skins Season 2. Looking forward to it! :)

-Tinay xx