Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Math week

It's the time for us Math majors to show everyone what we're made of!

Let me start off with how busy we are. We have our college classes, in-campus practicum and off-campus practicum. Plus Math week! I don't even know how we survived it all. But at least for now I'm a little bit okay with the fact that it's over and it was a success, despite all the bumpy moments.

The preparation was one of the hardest things we've encountered. We started from scratch and didn't know how to start. Even with deciding for the theme of the event, we were having a very hard time. Until we decided on a theme that we think is perfectly fine, Transformath: Mathematics and Technology Systematizing Lives for a Better World.

I think I don't have any photos of us preparing for Math week. I was a little bit lazy to bring my can though. Haha. But I do have the photos during the events.

First event is Math-Me-Up. It's like cosplay but with a math-slash-computer twist. Instead of playing the role of an anime, the students are to play the role of a mathematician but in a robot way. Sounds fun ei!

We also have this thing called Matheknolohiya. A group of students per class is to make their own backdrop. We provided them the katya, where they're supposed to do their design and they were asked to bring their own materials. They just have to make sure that their design is in lined with the theme, of course.

One of the anticipated events on a Math week is the Amazing Math Race. It is an event where students really exerted effort, plus sweat. The students and participating 3rd year math majors did a round trip inside the UST campus, from España to Dapitan to Lacson to P.Noval to experience the Amazing Math Race. I was actually on the race because I was taking pictures. Haha. Tiring!

We also had a few shots of our last practice for our performance on the eve of the culminating day.

And a separate blog about our third event, which is the Wear it all Begins, posted here. :)

The day has come! Our math culminating day! Here are just some of the photos during the said day. We had the whole day for ourselves and for our students. The morning part was dedicated for one of our events, the Whiz Kids Challenge or in other words a math/computer quiz bee but an interactive one. In the afternoon, we started the event with our dashing Wear it all Begins candidates. The students ramped with their owned designs tops and jeans.

We, Math majors, did our own production number! Yay that! Some of us sung Bizarre Love Triangle and Everything You Do. And below, is She, Ponzi and Me rapping Super Bass. You got that! And our very own dance prod. We were all dancing. Imagine that! Hahaha. It was a mixture of old school upbeat songs and current upbeat songs.

And there you have it. Math week 2011 is over. :)

Wait wait wait! At the end of the day we were all like .....

Screaming for tinapay! Tinapay! Tinapay! Hahaha. Only us know the story behind that. Haha. :))

Thank you very much to all the people involved in making this event successful. We owe you bigtime!

-Tinay xx


  1. Thanks-for-the-blog:)Ngayon-parang-naatendan-ko-na-din:).Sorry-di-ako.nakapunta-sa.culminating:).-Good-BLog!Congrats-Math-Majors!->Clang

  2. No prob Clang! Thank you din. :)
    Goodluck din sa science week niyo soon!