Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wear it all Begins

Hello there students! This is Ms. Kristine Bulatao in duty. Hahaha. Weird.

Wear it all Begins is one of the events for our Math week. It was actually my idea. I remember proposing this idea to Apol during Alexine's birthday. It was almost midnight and we're still at Jollibee talking about Math week suddenly I thought about this event. Why don't we ask the students to design their own clothes and let them do a fashion show ramping their own-designed stuff? Then during one of our meetings for the Math week, it was approved. Yay!

It really is one of my dreams to organize a mini-fashion show. And there you have it. Half-contented. :)

Well, not fully contented, because I had a few problems with some sort of stuff that I'll never tell you. :P Haha. Though I had problems with my co-teachers and the fact that some things are happening that I don't know! Whatever. I'm happy with everything na rin naman and it was a huge success too.

So we had a photoshoot days before the culminating day. Of course I had to head the photos processing thing.

I welcome you our Wear it all Begins boys candidates!

 And our girls candidates!

But our competition isn't about being solo. They have to compliment themselves as a pair. And here are their final pair shots!

Our grand champion is 3rd year Justice! Congratulations! :)

We also had some special awards like, voters' choice which goes to 4th year Respect, princess of the crowd goes to 3rd year Dignity girl and prince of the crowd goes to 3rd year Justice boy and the photogenic award goes to 1st year Piety girl and 4th year Respect boy.

Once again congratulations to all the winners and participants! Thank you very much!

-Tinay xx


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