Saturday, December 3, 2011

Breaking Dawn part 1

Finally had the time to see it! Saw it last Monday night. I just have to. Every one seemed to have seen it except me. And I felt like a loser.

Was supposed to see it with someone but I have to see it ASAP, so sorry, I'm in a major rush. Hahaha.

The truth is, I've read the series back when I was in my first year in college. I was so hooked up with it! I even finished reading New Moon in just a day! Talk about being obsessed. But honestly, I can't remember the story behind Breaking Dawn. What I remember is that Bella and Edward are getting married and that they're having a baby girl named Renesme and that she's half-human and half-vampire and after giving birth Bella's going to turn into a vampire and will have a special power too. After that, I can't remember anything.

Honeymoon! It was so romantic. I mean Edward was so romantic. While Bella was all sticky to the bones with Edward. Hahaha. Slutty little Bella.

The part where Bella's pregnant. Man she looked awful! Good job for the make-up artists! It was so realistic. It looked like she was really getting worse and worse.

There are some parts in the movie where I feel really sorry for Jacob. :(( But so happy that he imprinted with Renesme. No wonder he's so attached with Bella. :)

Another part that I liked was when Bella's turning into a vampire already. Her skin, her eyes, her body and everything about her was almost perfect. Her skin is so beautiful. And the red eyes, they're to die for! Poof! The movie ended there. Better luck next time.

The movie was really good. Among the 4 movies, it was the best! The movie was really romantic. I loved it.

And at least the movie was just short close to the book itself. It was good, really. Very good actually. It didn't disappoint me at all.

Plus the soundtrack! Perfect! Fits perfectly. Definitely owned it! Here's one from Bruno Mars, it was even one of my lss songs few days ago. :P

Now I can't wait to see the part 2. I've never been this stoke with the Twilight movie series before.

I'd definitely consider rereading the series. :)

I'm Team Edward. I fall harder every time you do that crooked smile Mr. Cullen :'>

-Tinay xx

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