Sunday, October 28, 2012


I've been missing in action for like what? More than 2 weeks already. I miss my blog more than anything right now. So I really need to post something to give my blog its much deserved life back.

Let me show you what I've been very busy with with the last 2 weeks, my online shop Green Berries! I'm so into it that I even forget to update my blog. My bad. Hahaha. I want to show you some of the items we sell in our shop. Scroll please. :)

They all look so pretty, don't they? And they are all very affordable! Just visit our shop here and check out their prices and availability.

You won't regret it I swear.

Plus, these cute and fashionable accessories can spice up your looks this holiday! Goooo! :)

What's your favorite item?
Tinay xx


  1. lovely!

  2. I love it! The problem I have with bracelets like these is that they don't fit me well, they always are too big for me :( Do you customize the size? My arm is small and I can't do anything about it :( Btw, followed you! Check out my blog and maybe do a follow back? And hit me back on my blog if you do customize :)

    1. Hi! Yes! We customize bracelets too. If you think our bracelets are too big for you, you may inform us the size of your wrist so we may adjust it.
      Thanks for the interest! :)

  3. Such arm candies!! :) Ill tell my fashown sisters about your bracelets Kristine!

    Followed you!!♥

    The Misty Mom

  4. These are cute! Thanks for sharing. x

    <3 Melissa