Saturday, November 3, 2012

Suddenly It's Magic

My bestfriend Ijei and I watched Mario Maurer's first Filipino-Thai movie franchise on its opening day. We've been planning to see it together since last week. Guess we both really adore Mario Maurer!

It was pretty good actually. If you are a Mario Maurer fan since his A Little Thing Called Love movie, then this movie is a must-seen for you too. You will definitely love him even more!

Tell you what, during the movie most of the girls went "awww" and "ohhh!" everytime Mario Maurer's so cute on screen. Even Ijei and I kept on screaming because he's so perfect! Haha. Fan girling much here already. :))

Erich Gonzales also did a very good job! She's very doll-like in the movie, especially that time where she was wearing the pink and dress and the one where she's sleeping at Mario's condo. Pretty girl! And oh her clothes in the movie are so cute and lovely! If you're a fashion enthusiast, you'll love all the clothes she wore so much! Mario's outfits are mostly Penshoppe I guess.

I love how the movie didn't have any kontrabida that will hinder the magic between Mario and Erich. But whatever the twist is, go find it out yourself. :) Baifern or famously known as Nam from ALTCL movie, starred in the movie also. So ALTCL fans, you must see this movie!

Happy cupcake girl! <3 You'll love the rap part mostly! Hahaha. Love the part where Mario confronted Erich's ex-boyfriend. So sweet and cute! Love the part where Erich was with Baifern's boyfriend and they were shouting to Mario and Baifern's fans. Hahaha! :))

Won't spoil any scenes for ya'll, just go to the nearest cinema and see it for yourself.

Rate: 9/10

Will you see it soon?
Tinay xx


  1. Mario is just super cute, haha :D

  2. Mario Maurer has got to be the best actor in thailand. He is an excellent actor and is always a joy to watch on screen. I love his acting with Baifern in Crazy little thing call love. Looking forward to more of his movies. :)

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