Sunday, February 17, 2013

Books #3 and #4: Sorrowful Sorrowful Mysteries and The Boyfriend League

Hello bookworms! Here are my books #3 and #4 for this year's Road-to-50-books goal.

Book #4: Sorrowful Sorrowful Mysteries (Kikomachine Komix) by Manix Abrera

It's not actually a novel type of book but it's a book too, right? Haha. It's a comic book actually. It's Pinoy made too! It's my first time to read a comic book by Manix Abrera, and it's pretty cool! I found myself laughing every once in a while. :))

Book #5: The Boyfriend League by Rachel Hawthrone

It's so full of kilig moments! Everyone here knows I'm a huge sports fan but I don't know that much about the sport baseball. And it's one of the reasons why I bought this book, to know more about baseball. Basically, other than all the kilig vibes from this book, I learned a lot about baseball.

This book is so cute. A baseball pitcher falling in love is such a cutie! <3

I just had to blog about these two books together, since I am so late with my book blog posts already. I'm trying my very best to squeeze in blogging in my very busy schedule. Nevertheless, I hope this blog post may help all the bookworms out there in case you're looking for books to read. :)

Current read: The Fault in Our Stars by John Green, book #6

What do you think?
Tinay xx

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