Monday, February 4, 2013

Book #2: Popped 3

Big Event: Biggest K-Hip-Hop Band *ever* Movement is coming to Manila!

Job Description: Documenting behind-the-scenes action of hot, hot, hot K-Hip-Hop band, finally meeting K-Pop love of one's life, and going on a beach trip WITH the guys *dream come true*

Beach Trip Musts:
* BFF back from Korea living out her own K-Pop fantasy
* The whole gang back together working as a team
* Tough choices: Hot K-Hip-Hop band member or hot K-Hip-Hop band members' equally hot brother?
* Gangsta rapping with the love of Andie's second life
* Writing poetry by the beach while sitting next to ultimate K-Crush
* A heart broken in a million pieces?

While Andie and her friends live out the ultimate dream of blurring their first and second lives, everything is not right in the Popped universe: Andie's Korean boy friend (two words!) has somehow lost his sparkle. Will this end Andie's love affair with all things K for good? Or will her K-Pop love affair lead her to what she's been searching for all this time?

Popped 3 by Chinggay Labrador

Third installment of the book series Popped by Chinggay Labrador.

I don't know if I was able to blog about the first two books, but naah I don't think I was able to. Haha. Anyway, if you love K-Pop then this trilogy is a must-read for you!

I'm not really a K-Pop fan but I'm a huge fan of reading and Summit Books that's why I had to read this trilogy. I am glad I gave this trilogy a chance because it taught me a lot about the K world that everyone's been buzzing around. I keep asking myself, "What is there to love about K-Pop that seems to get all the attention of these people?" And this book probably has some of the answers I have been looking for all along.

There's a lot of K-Pop stuff around here! Besides learning some Korean words we commonly use everyday, I got to explore Korea, the country itself. It's like traveling Korea but in a book. But there weren't a lot of Korea-the-place in the third book. The third book was mainly set in the Philippines. But the first two books mostly happened in Korea where Andie and her friends went to Korea and all the places and details they went to were properly described in the books.

It was like you were in Korea I swear. The first book even made me want to Korea immediately! Only if I had the money. =p

Well of course there were love stories between the 4 main characters, and their Korean boys. Plus the hot K-Hip-Hop band they were all drooling for. I am not a fan of Korean boys, but this Movement boys in the book sounds pretty cool!

I'm not sure if the first two books are still in the market, but this third one is still on the go.

Go read it and learn about the K-Pop world!

Tinay xx


  1. nice. I think I'm a k-pop addict now.. Haha. thanks for sharing! I'll try to find the first 2 books and read it before reading the third one.. :)

    1. You're welcome! It's my pleasure. :)
      You should! You'll appreciate the third book more if you can get the first 2 books.
      Enjoy! :)