Friday, August 30, 2013

New songs for this last friday of the month

Which means yellow day sa educ kanina! I'm not sure though if until ngayon they still practice that. Pero I saw a lot of students in yellow kanina, so probably they still do.

I don't know if the title of this post can give justice to the main content, but whatever. Can't think of any appropriate one. All I can think of right now kasi is you eh. Ayy. <3

Sorry, I'm so sabog right now. Hahaha. Nakakabaliw talaga mag-aral. All I've been doing for the past 2 weeks is studying! Chos!

But what I really want to share on this blog post are the songs I've been listening to lately. I know it's exams week but a music-lover like me gotta do what I gotta do!

1) Boomerang - The Summer Set
I'm a huuuge fan of this very hot band The Summer Set, plus their drummer Jess Bowen, yes she's a girl, is half-Filipina. Horay! Idol! Kaya nalang I've always wanted to play the drums and be in a band. And I do love their bassist, Stephen Gomez <3 If you want to listen more The Summer Set songs, I suggest you listen to these: Passenger Seat, Chelsea and Punch Drunk Love.

2) Still Into You - Paramore
Can't get over how beautiful this song is. Paramore is just so there! I love you guys. And Hayley. I also listen to their upcoming single, Ain't It Fun, quite the cool one. :)

3) We Can't Stop - Miley Cyrus
I love the song, not the singer, not the music video and don't even begin with the VMA performance. Just the song. LSS for a couple of days too. La da di da di. PS, that's why I'm posting an audio instead of the official music video.

4) Chinito - Yeng Constantino
I'm not a fan of Yeng, but I find this song very catchy and playful. I'm also not a fan of chinito's. Hihi. Really it's just the song that caught my music-lover heart.

5) Treasure - Bruno Mars
All hail Bruno Mars! Huge huge fan here! Always been a follower of his music. Great tunes all the time! This song wakes me up when I feel antok na from studying. Konting pampagising lang. :)

Yan! May bago nanaman kayong mga kantang pwedeng ilagay sa mga iPod niyo. Help yourselves! And you're welcome.

You can tambay here in my blog while you listen to these. :) Enjoy!

Okay, balik aral nanaman. :P

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