Friday, December 27, 2013

Holiday reads part 1

Haven't been really on the "read mood" lately because of all the christmas buzz and rush. But at least I was able to read 2 since my christmas vacation started!

Bought 6 books from the #romanceclass bundle that my favorite Filipino author, Ms. Mina Esguerra, is organizing last november. I was so stoked to read them but can't squeeze it in my busy medschool sched. So I took the chance once my vacation started.

The first book I got to read was Save the Cake by Stella Torres. Cakes and cupcakes are becoming a huge business nowadays. Well this book goes out to all the bakers out there! But bakers or not, every reader will surely love this book.

I'm not into cakes and cupcakes myself but I loved this book! It has a sweet story about family, relatives, sweets and love. It's quite funny when I found myself relating to what happened to Eloisa and Gino. Hahaha. Let's not focus on that side of the story by the way. Haha. Anyway, Sean Alvarez looks so handsome by the looks of his description in the book. Plus he's very family oriented which I think every girl is looking for from a manly man, if you know I mean.

In the end, my rate for this book in goodreads is 4/5. :)

Book 2: The Real Score by Kesh Tanglao

I love this book! Huhu. I got teary eyed towards the ending. T_T

If you are my follower on twitter, you'll notice that I tweet a lot about this book the time I was reading it. Mainly because I see Marcus and Caitlin as me and Harry Styles! OMYGOD! Hahaha. This book is a reflection of me and my Harry! I know I sound stupid and hilarious at the same time but I'm serious. Haha. I can see myself and Harry in this book, and One Direction too, of course.

There's this band name Gezellig who's the biggest band in the world right now who came from London which sounded like One Direction who is currently the biggest boy band in the world who also came from England, but not particularly London because they came from different parts of England plus Niall from Ireland, yes I'm a big big big fan of One Direction, deal with that. Then here's Caitlin who didn't like Gezellig at the beginning who took the risk and listened to them and learned to love them, especially Marcus.

Marcus took Caitlin to London which I wish Harry would do to me too. Hahaha! In my dreams! Marcus has green eyes just like Harry. Marcus has tats everywhere in his body just like Harry. In short, Marcus Wayans = Harry Styles. :))

This may sound really shallow but this book made me teary eyed towards the end. Love will really make you do things you don't know you could and would make you take risks you never thought you'd take.

I recommend this book to every huge fangirls out there. You. Must. Read. This. Book. I'm definitely getting a trade paperback copy of this once it's out in the market. Definitely one of my favorites contemporary novels.

Goodreads rate: 5/5 <3

Current-read: Love and Other Perishable Items by Laura Buzo
(Thank you Charli for this book!)

Happy holidays everyone! <3
-Tinay xx

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