Monday, January 6, 2014

10 things to ponder on this 2014

Hi readers! Happy new year! It's about time for me to post my first blog for this year.

To start off, here's a list of the top 10 things I want to do this year, top 10 because there are other things besides these but these 10 would be the major ones. I know I know new year's resolutions are made to be broken so what the heck I'm still doing them. At least I have a guide whenever I got pushed to another direction. It's just something that will remind me of what I should do with my life this year.

1. Learn how to say no to food.
In other words, eat less. I have three months to get rid of all the holiday fats I gained and to prepare myself na rin for summer. It'll be my 2nd to last summer vacation so I better be fit to enjoy it the most! I must practice moving my head from left to right whenever someone offers me food.

2. Read more books.
I got to read 21 books last year plus Catching Fire, because I read that last 2012 but read it again last November 2013 to prep myself for its movie release. This year, my book challenge in my goodreads account is to read 30 books. Actually I'm aiming for more pero medschool is taking most of my reading time so I think 30 is a good number of books to read already.

3. Watch more movies.
Whenever I finish a movie I always feel better. Be it a good movie or a disaster movie, it always makes my mood better. I don't know maybe movies has this sort of drug that calms me everytime. Cool.

4. Make exercise a habit.
If I have to successfully do my #1 list I must accompany it with exercise. I used to do hip-hop abs before but I don't think it's enough though. I'll try my very best to run a few laps whenever I have time and in between studying so that burning all these fats will be faster.

5. Take more candid photos.
I love candid photos! It shows the real personality of a person behind all those physical aspect you see in the outside. Ito yung tunay na totoo :)

6. Listen to lectures more often than not.
Lectures regarding medicine can be very boring sometimes that I tend not to listen and just play random games in my iPad or search the internet while in class. Like for example kanina, first 2 lectures of the year, I listened pretty well! Haha. Though during the second lecture I was kinda sleepy na pero I tried my best to listen. It's a good start still!

7. Keep a 365-day journal/diary.
Maybe it sounds kinda baduy to some of you but there's no stopping me. I'm keeping a journal or most people call it diary for one whole year. So far so good! I've been doing pretty well on my journal, haven't miss a day since January 1 so far. And I'm keeping it that way! It'll be so fun to read them all again once the year is about to end and reminisce the important events that happened to me this year.

8. Besides the 365-day journal, I'm keeping a 365-photo diary.
Just like #7, I haven't miss a day since January 1 and I'm keeping it that way! I may not be able to post everything on instagram but I'll be blogging about them every week, so that's 4 blog posts a month! Yay!

9. Care less.
The less you care, the less you'll get hurt. Why mind if you don't matter? Enough said.

10. Do epic shits.
This be my #1 resolution for 2014. 365 days is a lot of days! So that's gotta be a lot of epic shits in my list. I've actually done 1 epic shit already since January 1. Wohoo! And more more to go!

Let's do this 2014! I'm starting you with a blast and hopefully end you with a bang! *cough baduy cough*

How about you, how do you want your 2014 to be?

Kristine xx

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