Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Thank you Spotify!

Yesterday I just discovered the best app yet! And it's called Spotify! It's the perfect application for music lovers like me. It's like discovering new and old music everyday.

You can create your own playlist but if you don't want to Spotify already has tons of playlists you can choose from. They have playlist for rock, pop, indie and whatever you like. And oh they even have playlists depending on your mood like reading a book playlist, nature playlist, summer in the beach playlist, and much much more! They even have a pms playlist c'mon! So whatever mood you're in, Spotify has the perfect songs for you.

I super love this app! Whatever I do I make sure my Spotify is on and music is playing.

Since it's just a month away till my summer ends, awwww saaaaaad, I might as well enjoy a little more summer songs to listen to. Here are some songs from Spotify that I think will best fit on my summer beach playlist. Not the party-party kind of songs but pang tamang chill sa beach music lang. Just listen to them and relax. <3

1. All Summer Long - Kid Rock

2. MMMBop - Hanson
Never too old for an old song!

3. You're Still Standing There - Steve Earle

4. Dance With Me Tonight - Olly Murs
Gotta love Olly Murs! It's his birthday today! :)

5. Island in the Sun - Weezer

6. Tonight - Galavant (Radio Edit)
Party party! :)

7. Stop - Spice Girls
I looooooove Spice Girls! I grew up listening and dancing to them!

8. Symbol in My Driveway - Jack Jackson
Parang nasa beach ka lang talaga. Puuurfect :)

9. Sunny Day - Joy Williams

10. Santeria - Sublime
That bass! Super love this song <3

11. Champagne Supernova - Oasis
Sing with me, caught beneath the laaaaaandslide!

12. Midnight Bottle - Colbie Colliat
Super chill.

13. Free - Donavon Frankenreiter

14. Cold Beverage - G. Love & Special Sauce

15. Sour Patch Kids - Bryce Vine

And sobraaaaaaaaaaang dami paaa! Posting more songs that I like soon. :)

Go hit that Spotify download button! And get free new music everyday and enjoy life. =)

Kristine xx

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