Sunday, March 1, 2015

5 Lessons You Will Learn from Love, Rosie

I've been eyeing this movie since its first trailer release. A Lily Collins and Sam Claffin movie? Very clever! A really must-see movie. <3

Was able to see the movie last friday night since I was celebrating a "chill-no-school-related-friday-night" that time =)) I was enjoying the whole movie until I found myself crying towards the end. Huhu movies like this always make me cry T____T

It's a movie based on Cecila Ahern's novel :)

1) When you have someone whom you can share your weird dreams with, keep them close.
In the movie, Rosie (Lily Collins) is bestfriends with Alex (Sam Claflin). Back when they were still in their gradeschool days, Alex would usually have weird dreams about himself being someone else like he's a superhero, an animal and the like. He would usually share these dreams with Rosie, and being the best bestfriend that she could be, she listens and understands him well. They have this connection no one else has. They perfectly get each other. When they grew older, Alex shared one of his weird dreams with his current partner, and she couldn't get it, so he had to share it with Rosie who is in the other side of the world and they were able to laught it all out. See? Sometimes you just need that one person and you're all good. :)

2) Life is good when there's a mixture of party, drinks, grass and sun.
As young adults, partying and drinking would always be a part of it. Like during Rosie's 18th birthday party, where she and Alex had their first kiss which changed everything. On the contrary, silence and fresh air should also be a part of it. A little walk in the grass while embracing the heat of the sun sounds okay when you're trying to relax. A world outside the noisy walls from partying.

3) Don't be ashamed raising your child as a single parent.
Rosie had her first born when she was 18. She was unable to go to college because she had to attend to her daughter. She had to raise her alone, though she has her family, still her daughter's father could've been there to support Rosie but he wasn't there. Rosie was very supportive and very hands on. She was able to grew a beautiful and loving daughter in the best mom-ways she could do. It was nice seeing Rosie and her 5-year old child doing cartwheels by the beach. They looked so happy even if it's just the two of them. :) It's okay to be a single parent as long as you have to be strong like Rosie. Would you rather be alone and raise a good-willed child or be with someone who could just ruin the bond you have with your child?

4)  Everyone deserves a second chance, but be careful.
When Katie's (Rosie's daughter) father returned, he begged Rosie for a second chance and that he'll be a good father to Katie and a better husband to Rosie. Rosie gave her a second chance end eventually they got married. Until he cheated on Rosie. When you ask for a second chance, you should make the most out of it prove it to them four times because not everyone is given a second chance. It's also hard to give someone a second chance after all that they've done to you. One would think that, he already did this to me and he could do it again if I give him another chance and it would hurt twice as bad. Giving a second chance increases the chance of getting stabbed twice with the risks you offer being doubled.

5) It's okay to fall in love with your best friend, as long as it's at the right time.
The movie basically revolves around this. Rosie being best friends with Alex, both of them in love with each other but they're too afraid to show/tell it because they might loose the close friendship they have. What's at stake is so crucial, you may fall in love with your best friend and if the feeling is mutual you'll be so happy about it but when the feeling is not mutual, you loose the friendship and be in awkward state forever until you get over it. Some say it's haaaaaaaaard falling for your best friend, but if the time is right, it could be the most right thing you could ever made. <3 But how can you tell when the right time is? When the world conspires to keep you two together? No one really knows.

Sorry for the bits of spoilers. Tried to minimized it and this is the best that I can do. So, enjoy the movie! :)

Love, Kristine

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