Thursday, May 5, 2011

Meadow green

My new pair of contact lenses!

The last pair I bought was a purple. It was the first time I didn't wear green with my eyes. So obsessed with green for yah! Haha.

If you noticed, since February, I seldom use my contact lens. I don't know. My eyes get easily irritated. So I decided to stop using them. Until I learned that my solution expired already. That's why!

Grades: Right eye - 150, left eye - 100, and I'm sure it's greater now. I hate being blind. Everything's so blurry without eyeglasses/contact lens.

So I bought my new pair. And it's green again. Yay me! I introduce you to Meadow Green :'>

Oha! It's so meeee!

-Tinay xx


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