Thursday, May 26, 2011

Something Borrowed

There's this movie entitled "Something Borrowed."

Which is really is book.

And it's all about the friendship and love among these four people.

Rachel (brunette) and Darcy (blonde) are bestfriends since they can remember. Rachel went to law school and met Dex (the one beside Darcy). They obviously like each other but hesitated to tell each other. One night, at a bar, while Rachel and Dex were busy talking to each other, Darcy came. After 6 years, Darcy and Dex are engaged and are getting married in a few weeks. During Rachel's 30th birthday, she and Dex learned that they really love each other. In the other side, Rachel's friend Ethan (the guy beside Rachel) told Rachel that he likes him. But, he accepted the fact that he's just a friend for Rachel.

Here comes the climax, Rachel asked Dex to cool off the wedding. What will Dex do? Will the truth be okay between Rachel and her bestfriend Darcy? Is it something that they should really do?

Would you exchange love for friendship or friendship for love? Are you willing to take the risk and sacrifice with the consequence that big?

I've seen the movie. Now it's your turn to see what happens among these 4 people.

-Tinay xx

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