Saturday, May 14, 2011

UBD Seminar: Day 1

Waking up at 8:30 on a saturday is too early for me. Ugh.

My first tweet today. And most of my co-student-teachers were tweeting the same thing. They keep on saying that it's too lazy to go to school on a saturday. Wherein we are supposed to have our rest on saturdays and sundays since we go to school from monday to friday for summer class.

Today, we had our first seminar for UBD.

To you people who don't know what UBD is, it means Understanding By Design. It's like a lesson plan but instead of everyday plan it's a unit plan and is a backward design. The performance of the students are taken into first before the specific knowledge. Are we getting something here?

First day, meaning introduction to everything about UBD.

Our speaker and showman: Prof. Allan B. de Guzman, Ph. D.

Who would have thought that the seminar was like watching a comedy show? Seriously. We were laughing our as* off for the whole 4 hours. Up to the point that I can feel tears of joy and I really have to get hold of my hanky. Funny. Haha.

It only proves that learning is fun.

Now that's something to look forward to on saturdays. :)

What really caught my attention was the "Google vs Gugol" thing. I am an internet-web-person and it really was interesting. I was thinking like, "Oo nga noh!"

And here's how Sir Allan ended our today's session. I got it on a 0:34 seconds video clip!

I actually did learn something. And I'm sure that it'll be a huge help for me when I go to practicum next school year.

To tell you guys the truth, I really don't want to become a teacher. No kidding. But. I can consider teaching. I mean what's wrong with sharing what you have and know, right? I will take LET and, hopefully, pass it. I will still teach, don't worry. This 4 years of college in Educ won't go to waste. I swear. :)

Today, our journey of becoming teachers begin.

Let's do this batch 2011-2012!

-Tinay xx

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