Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Cerveza @ Kyss

Friday after prelims week = PARTY PARTY!

Honestly speaking, I was still under a lot of stress during the prelims week even though I only have 3 subjects to study for.

Practice teaching + EJ responsibilities + Action research + 3 other subjects = STRESS

So, decided to "unstress" myself on a Friday after prelims and Trixie got the best idea! To attend her Cerveza party at Kyss Makati.

Went with my sister Jaja, high school friend since nursery Axl and 3 other friends of Axl from Pharmacy.

Arrived there at 10pm and left at past 1am. Flowing drinks till 11:30 plus 200 san mig light bottles till you drop!

They were giving away prizes like Beats by Dr. Dre and trip to somewhere in Asia and some tourist spots here in the Philippines. Didn't get the chance to win anything though. Haha. But it's no big deal. I had a pretty fun time partying on a Friday night there. :)

Parteeey parteeey! 

Flowing drinks!

With my dearest Axl. photo by: Mikki Luistro
(unfortunately is unavailable at the moment)

Feel na feel. Hahaha. photo by: Angel Noel

Highschool friends: Axl, Me, Jaja, Trixie, Cheston and Renren. photo by: Wing Yeung

Lots of love! :D

More party soon!

-Tinay xx

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