Wednesday, August 31, 2011


A trending topic on Twitter yesterday. I wasn't able to tweet nor blog about it. So I'm doing a late blog post about it here in my blog instead of flooding timeline with the hash tag #20peopleidmarry.

In no particular, from left to right.

1. Miggy Chavez: I love him to bits since high school! He's my husband for one of our projects about marriage and family. Haha. That much.

2. & 3. James & Oliver Phelps: For one cannot live without the other. It's Fred and George Weasley from the legendary Harry Potter series. They're my favorite characters in the said series. I love them both equally, I even consider the 2 as one.

4. Mike Bailey: Sid from the series Skins. Loved him since the 1st episode of season 1 and missing him during the 3rd season. Sid & Cassie forever!

5. Luca Pasqualino: Freddie from the series Skins. Only choice when Sid and the rest of the cast except Effy left Skins for seasons 3 onwards, Freddie caught my attention. Effy and Freddie<3

6. Ashton Kutcher: Who wouldn't dare anyway? I love watching all his movies. Gives me the idea to do a marathon of his movies.

7. Channing Tatum: Oooooooh. I believe I started loving him when I first saw the movie She's the Man. He's so hooot! Duke in She's the Man and Duke in G.I. Joe. And Dear John! Most especially Step Up! Deyum!

8. Thomas McDonell: Newest, since the movie Prom. He's got that bad-boy-look-but-with-a-gentle-side look.

9. Eminem: The rapper who took my heart awaaaaay. <3

10. Lil'Wayne: Mainly inlove with his voice.

11. Adam Sevani: That cute boy from Step Up. And he dances pretty good! Remember his memorable dance routine on the water? Yea. That one.

12. Jeric Fortuna: My boyfriend! Hahaha. Addicted to him since first year college. He's so cute and looks so hug-gable you just wanna hug him all day.

13. Kobe Bryant: The man who leads the Lakers team. Idol!

14. Andrew Garfield: The new spiderman. So there.

15. Ed Westwick: The only reason why I'm looking forward to watching Gossip Girl.

16. Johnny Depp: Well, one of the hottest man alive.

17. Hayley Williams: My idol! And my number one girl crush.

18. Emma Watson: Considered as one of the prettiest girl in the universe.

19. Megan Fox: Two words: SO HOT!

20. Katy Perry: One word: HOT!

Plus my crushes from school which I wouldn't spill though. Haha.

-Tinay xx

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