Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Day maker

If you really know me personally, then you must know that Paramore is my all-time favorite band.

And if you know me deep, I mean really really really know me, then you must know that That's What You Get by Paramore is my all-time favorite song.

Yupyup! Paramore all the way!

Never get tired listening to this song. May it be the original one or the acoustic version, never gets old.

Today, I was like having those one-of-the-worst-days-ever feeling. So I had to listen to Paramore to help me get by. I don't want to end the day feeling like that though.

Listening to Paramore makes everything better! It's like their music can hypnotize me with just one strung of the guitar, one note of Hayley's voice and one beat of the drums.

So I have to share to you guys one of my favorite acoustic version of That's What You Get, performed on MTV plugged.

I have to admit, I miss Josh and Zac Farro. Paramore will never be the same without them. But I'm still happy that Hayley, Taylor and Jeremy continued to perform music even after the Farro brothers left the band.

I can't wait to see them live again!

So anyways. Just sharing this random thought and also spreading the good vibes.

Goodnight! :)

-Tinay xx


  1. I feel the exact same way about Paramore! I was lucky enough to meet them 2 years ago when they came to Dublin and I've seen them 4 times..They are just AMAZING ..I RESPECT THEM ALL SO MUCH :')