Sunday, February 26, 2012

Howdy readers!

I miss my blog! Haven't been blogging for almost a month now and I am sooooo itchy to post just about anything out of the blue. But don't worry I already made a list of all the things I need to blog about.

I swear I need to update my boring blog this coming week. Might prolly start on wednesday or if not thursday. Basta before the weekend starts sana.

I'm still in Naga. Woohoo! Haha. Just sharing. In less than 2 hours will be boarding our bus back to Manila again. Oh I hate leaving Naga. These thoughts. Rawr.

Random thought again, just finished having dinner. May masabi lang. Hahaha.

Obviously I'm bored. Parang ginawa ko nang twitter page tong post na to. Anyway, I promise to update soon!

Thank you to all those people who still reads my blog posts even though sabog talaga. Two thumbs up to you guys! :bd

#nowplaying: Up All Night - One Direction

-Tinay xx

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