Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Days ago trending topic on twitter. Blog post! Instead of the usual twitter flood.

So the following are my top 10 things that I found attractive, but not in order.

1. Guys with big hair. Best example, Harry Styles <3 I love playing with guys' hair. Lambing kung baga. :)

2. Guys who smell good. Definitely a turn on! Who would turn down a guy who smells so good?

3. Guys who put their hands in their front pocket. I find it hot though.

4. Guys who play basketball. Of course! Being manly and all.

5. Guys who can play the guitar. O baka gusto mo ako pa mangharana sayo?

6. Guys who are family oriented. How a guy treats his parents and siblings will reflect on how he will treat a girl too. :)

7. Guys who texts/calls you just to say hi. I find this very cute and malambing. It makes me wanna say awwwww.

8. Guys who are gentlemen but has their own bad boy side. It's the type of guy who's a little bad boy but becomes gentlemen when it comes to his girl.

9. Guys who love dogs. I find dogs adorable so you better like 'em too.

10. Guys who exert effort on everything. Yung tipong everything-is-not-as-easy-as-it-looks vibe of guy na they have to exert even a little effort para makuha yung gusto niya.

Actually, I have more than 10 things that I can add to this list. Some other time maybe.

So guys, which among these do you think you possess? :)

Happy first day of the love month everyone!

*hugs and kisses*

-Tinay xx

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