Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Neo-Centennial Celebration of UST

January 27, 2012

UST celebrates its Quadricentennial year then the Neo-Centennial celebration.

First set, photos from last year's Quadricentennial opening celebration.

 My shirt.

 Illuminati, 2011.
 Main building.
 Countdown to 400. My bangs! OMG. Hahaha. :))

And this year's Quadricentennial closing celebration.

 Cheermania in the morning with these people.
 With my sister Jaja the whole evening.

 Illuminati, 2012.

 See my shirt? It's the same shirt I wore a year ago! Hahaha. Didn't notice it until I started taking photos of myself. Exactly the same shirt I wore at the opening. Hahaha.
Flying lanterns too. :)

-Tinay xx

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