Friday, March 9, 2012

Naga bound

It was a sweet 5-day vacation for all Thomasian students. UST held a faculty retreat in line with the celebration of the Quadricentennial closing.

I know that I'd be bum if I consume these 5 days in Manila, so Jaja and I decided to just head back home for a few days or so.

But was it really a vacation for me? Naaah. More like time-to-do-my-requirements days.

The only time I went out, officially went out, was during the first day. And it was biglaan! I remembered that Miggy Chavez, the man I've been kinababaliwan since high school lang naman, was in Naga. Wohoo for that! Texted some friends and decided to just hang out with them even for a while. Yah know I'd do anything for him. :)

Spent the entire afternoon at Miggy's talk at Ateneo about OPM. Accidentally met my cousin Yani there and decided to hang out after the talk. Gian was there too! Had to take merienda at Caby's Cabana with Yani, Ijei and Gian. Then, Ateneo ACP closing at night. Fun!

And the rest were just me and my laptop, bonding all the way. Finishing requirements for graduation.

Didn't get the chance to hang out with friends after the first day. I was anti-social the whole time! Loser much! Hahaha. :))

Some photos during the 5-day break.

Miggy during his talk. It's hot coz you're here. :))

Ateneo at night. ACP closing.

After the closing, at 7-11, ice cream hits!

I bring these anywhere I go. Just in case I got nothing to do, I have my weapons with me.

SJS! :)

At a medicine talk with Mommy and Daddy. Feeling doctor din. :))

Making my column while in Starbucks.

 Batz, me of course and Jaja.

Mom and Dad.

Last night. Dinner at Borahut.

Their sisig is the best!!!

I'll make sure this summer will be a blast!

-Tinay xx

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