Sunday, March 4, 2012

Educ Week 2012

My last Educ week and I made sure that it's all good.

I joined the cheerdance competition representing my program BSE. I also joined volleyball for BSE too. I know right?! I was so active! Hahaha. Enjoying the last educ week. Right. And it felt like high school where I used to join cheerdance and volleyball together too. :)

Here are some photos during the opening of the Educ week last February 13.

The parade started at around 8:00 in the morning, I guess, that was from the Educ building to Main building. It was raining the whole time! But everything pushed through. After the parade, the cheerdance competition was held. We performed second among the 5. The stage was all muddy and wet. But! The show must go on! We ended up all muddy and wet too. Haha.

Simultaneously, our Teaching Philosophy exhibit was being held at the third and fourth floor lobby. There's mine by the way.

After lunch, we all proceeded to the Q-Pavilion court for the volleyball match. We lost to Nutrition, too bad, but it was fun while it lasted though.

Later in the afternoon, the winner of the cheerdance competition was announced. And the winner is *drum rolls* BSE! We won! BSE won! I couldn't believe it! Hahahaha. Wanna know how I learned about it? I was doing karaoke that night when I received a text from a friend that says only, "congrats." And I replied to her, "for what?," and there you go she said that we won the cheerdance competition. And I was up shouting at the microphone out of joy. Hahaha. I'm really happy that we won. After all those things that we went through for this cheerdance paid off. It was all worth it. I'm really really glad we won. Thank you BSE people! If it weren't for the crowd we would've had the energy to put up a good show. :)

So that's it! The opening of the Educ week. I don't have any idea what happened the days after that. I was busy with my practicum already. Totally. Focused. With it.

I had fun with this year's events for the Educ week. Thank you Educ Student Council. :)

By the way, cheerdance photos above are from Erika. Our EJ photograher. :)

-Tinay xx

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