Saturday, March 17, 2012

The making

I said in my other post that I went to chocolate lovers for something that I am planning to do. Well, here it is!

Thought of giving something to my co-Math majors and our two supervising teachers before I graduate. I don't know, maybe a little reminder that I love them like how much I love chocolates. :)

So I went to chocolate lovers last Tuesday and finished it all at night on the same day. And here are photos of what I was all busy about.

Here are the chocolates.
A little sprinkles.

The plastic bag I bought too. 
The box. 

And yes, that's me right thurr. 
Here's what's inside the box. 
I made 20, 18 for my co-Math majors and the other two are for my supervising teachers. 

This is just extra. Haha. I love them <3

-Tinay xx

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