Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Fair point well made, Mr. Grey.


Just in case you haven't seen my blog post about Book I, here it is. That blog post did give me a lot of blog hits by the way, as of now 589 hits since I posted it. Wow Mr. Grey. The effect you have on people. :)

If you haven't heard of the trilogy Fifty Shades of Grey, you must be out of this world. I mean it's everywhere! I've seen it everywhere and the curious that I am, I had to check it out to know why people are fussing so much about it.

I finished the first book in my iPod though since I don't have the books that time yet. It took me a week to finish it and my inner goddess was so satisfied. Had no single stain of regrets of reading it. It was so different from all the books I used to read.

After the first book, I started reading the second book, Fifty Shades Darker, a week after since I was so busy then. I got to read a good 6 chapters maybe then I had to stop. It was during the habagat when I stopped because current was out and I couldn't use my dead batt iPod. Right after the habagat incident, Thursday of the same week to be exact, I bought the set. And my inner goddess is clapping her hands while jumping up and down.

It took me almost a month to finish the book since I had my prelims a week ago, I was so busy with all the demands in my online shop plus the LET self-review I have to cope up with, I hardly had the time to sit with the book for a good couple of hours. But then last night I was so determined to finish it. Fortunately I was able to finish it even before I hit the time I set for myself to sleep.

So, Fifty Shades Darker, it was better than Fifty Shades of Grey. Well, there was less erotic scenes and more love scenes. It was all about feelings. No more sex-for-the-contract thingy but there was sex-for-the-sake-of-love.

The book was so romantic! Christian Grey was all over Ana Steele, in a loving way. He's doing everything to prove to her that he really loves her. The problem with him is he's so jealous with anything Ana wants. Sometimes it's just to much for Ana but what the heck, he's Christian Grey for god's sake. He is so dreamy. He's like the man every girl could dream of. Every word, every phrase and every sentence he say to Ana like, "You were everything me," "I am yours and you are all mine," and the like, he's such the perfect guy, for me I suppose. One megalomaniac and hot Mr. Grey please.

Ana here, just can't live with Christian's past. What is her problem! I mean she's everything what Christian Grey wants, the Mr. Christian Grey himself! What more could she ask for?!!! There were a lot of parts in the book where I get irritated and annoyed with Ana. Why can't she just forget about Christian's past, or his "lifestyle" and just focus on his future, which is she, and them together. But I love how she handled herself in the end of the book against Elena. Strong girl, Ms. Steele.

What to find in this book:
  • No more Red Room of Pain erotic scenes
  • More sex scenes from all over the place like billiard table, grand piano, elevator and more
  • Get to know more about the Grey's
  • Deeper knowledge about Christian's past
  • Ana Steele's new job
  • Christian and Ana's romantic encounters
  • Christian's ex's revenge
  • Near-death experience
And a whole lot more! Like I said, it is better than the first book.

Here's the catch, the ending is quite a mystery though. At first I thought it was Elena but it keeps on saying "he" so I though it could be Jack. And maybe it was really him. And maybe he has something to do with Christian's Charlie Tango incident. Hmmmm. Quite fascinating and hanging too!

This only proves that the heart sees what the mind can't see. The heart feels what the mind can't feel. It was nothing like compared to what Christian had ever felt before. With Ana, it was a whole new life.

I would like to post a separate blog post about my Fifty Shades Darker photoblog. That will be soon but as for the meantime, I shall just post the photos related to this from my instagram. :)

What a lovely it has been with Christian and Ana. I'll start reading Book III, Fifty Shades Freed prolly this Friday or this weekend for I will be very busy with school this remaining weekdays. Can't wait! :)

My thoughts only: If you are reading the Fifty Shades trilogy and this is your first time to ever really read a book, does that mean anything about you? People these days. Do you really love to read or you just love the thrill Fifty Shades is giving you. Don't judge, I'm just saying.

Marry me, Christian?
Tinay xx

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