Tuesday, July 31, 2012

We aim to please, Mr. Grey.

WARNING: If you're not old enough, do not continue reading. Thank you very much. 

Finished reading the very controversial Fifty Shades of Grey last Sunday. Was it a yay or a nay? Let's find out.

There was a time on twitter when all I see on my timeline are people busy reading Fifty Shades of Grey. And I was all, "What's Fifty Shades of Grey?" So I hit Google and typed in the intriguing Fifty Shades of Grey. Found out that it was actually a book. Didn't even bother looking for a summary of what it's all about. One day, I read Saab Magalona's review about this book. And that made me go for it, to read it. Right after finishing The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky, I immediately started reading Fifty Shades of Grey. I only have the ebook version though. Still thinking if I should buy the trilogy set.

I was caught up on every chapter making me want to continue reading chapter after chapter. There were times when I really want to sleep already but the book keeps on giving me the hanging ending that makes me want to continue reading.

Basically, simula palang ng chapter one, this Christian Grey sounds very yummy already. Haha. In the first few chapters, I keep on tweeting about the book.

And so I keep on tweeting about it as I read the book.

But as I go on, I don't tweet that much na. Sa umpisa lang talaga. There were few, but not as much. :))

This will be my own summary of the book Fifty Shades of Grey:
A girl named Anastasia Steele stumbled upon Christian Grey, a CEO of the Grey Enterprises, for a school paper interview that was supposed to be done by her rommate-slash-friend Kate Kavanagh. Since the day she came into his office, she started having imaginations and second thoughts about Mr. Grey, even thought of liking him. Until one day, Mr. Grey showed up to where Ana is working, besides being a graduating lit student. From that day on, Ana and Christian were seeing each other and learned to know each other more, even Christian's fifty shades. They had a lot of sexual intercourse or in Mr. Grey's on words, fucking and not love making. But Christian  had a lot of firsts with Ana, and so does Ana. They were into something they called as BDSM, with Christian being the dominant and Ana as his submissive. As time goes by, Ana discovers that she's falling in love with Christian. But she knows deep down that Christian will not love her the way she wanted to be loved and that they are only together because of a contract. Will Ana get what she want, something more? Or will Christian stand firm as being the dominant?

I hope my summary helps. It's a bit short since most of the scenes in the book are pure fucking.

To tell you guys the truth, since most of the scenes are just Ana and Christian having sex, my mind keeps on saying, "Is this all it is? I mean, puro sex lang? Nakakasawa." There was even a time when I almost give up reading kasi grabe na talaga ang mga pangyayari. I don't know if I can handle too much. Pero no way, I had to finish it. There were a few scenes with Ana's friends and family and sorting out. The sorting out were Ana and Christian talking over the email and BlackBerry plus their argument about food and Mrs. Robinson.

Christian can be very sweet talaga pero I can't blame Ana if she keeps on having second thoughts about Christian's feelings towards her. Like when her friend Kate told her that with the way Christian looks at her, it looks like he's really in love with her, but Ana knows deep down why and it's because Christian has too because she is his sub. But there are some lines where Christian sounds so serious and looks really in love with Ana. I still doubt though. There is a contract.

Let me ask you, if you meet a good-looking-almost-perfect-billionaire-hot-but-very-mysterious guy like Christian Grey but wants only one thing from you, to be his submissive or in other words his sex slave under conditions, contract and no feelings included, will you go for it?

I don't wanna spoil you or anything, if haven't read the book yet, but I personally hate the ending. Like what the fuck? That's it? After all those times. That shit Grey.

To answer my question if is it a yay or a nay, I'll give it a yay plus a 5 stars rating. Yay! :)

I heard that the book's going to be a movie soon. I'm sure it'll be a hit. But rest assured it's just like porn. But whatever, I loved the book and there's no one stopping me from watching it.

I'm pretty excited about the roles of Christian Grey and Ana Steele. Who wouldn't anyway? I also heard that Matt Bomer's casting the role of Christian Grey and all I can say is, he's the perfect Christian Grey. Meet Matt Bomer <3

Look at those smoky gray eyes. Perfect!

See? So Christian Grey.
And yes, whoever is playing Ana Steele is so lucky! Look at him being so delicious!

Saw this one on instagram and I think that she can be the perfect Ana Steele. Remember, she's a brunette and has blue eyes! Imagine them as Mr. Grey and Ms. Steele. Perfect isn't it?

"We aim to please, Ms. Steele." -Christian Grey

Haven't started reading the second book yet but I'll begin as soon as I can find the perfect time since I've been very busy coping up with school lately.

I have a lot more to say but I gotta go! School tomorrow!

How did you find the book? Share your thoughts here! :)

Laters, baby.
Tinay xx

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