Saturday, November 3, 2012

My first tie dye!

I will show you how my first ever tie dye experience went out. It was basically inspired by Saab Magalona's tie dye tutorial. See her blog post here. It was, and still, the best and easiest tie dye tutorial I've ever watched. Obviously I patterned my tie dye to hers. The outcome looked almost the same. Haha.

As I show you how my first tie dye went, I'll include a how-to-tie-dye tutorial as well. It's almost the same as Saab's, some materials are just different. Some of my materials are some of the usual stuff you can find lying anywhere at your house.

How to tie dye a shirt
1. Gather the materials. White shirt, dye of different colors, rubber bands, gloves, plastic cups and a stirrer.
If you don't have a white shirt, any light colored shirt will do but white shirt will still give you the best results. I don't know where to buy the dye, turned out National Bookstore has it for only 5 pesos per pack. Saab used buckets for her mixtures while I used plastic cups instead. Cheaper indeed. For the stirrer, I used the other end of a walis tingting. Haha. Or you can use a barbeque stick if you have it at home.

2. Mix each dye color with lukewarm water. One color per plastic cup!

3. Wash the shirt so it would get wet. Lay it flat on a flat surface. Pinch the shirt at the middle and twist. Secure it with rubber bands.

4. Pour each color onto the shirt. You may make your own design on whatever you want it. What I did was to pour one color per quadrant. I flipped the shirt and just pour everything.

5. Let it dry.

And this is how it looked like after removing the rubber bands. Good enough for a first timer? Please say yes. Haha. :)

I actually had a lot of dye mixture leftover. So I thought why not try it to other white tops.

I rummaged my closet and found this white spaghetti top that I don't wear anymore. Maybe if I turn this dull top into something colorful, I might actually consider using it again. Experiment time and voila! Just splat and splat and splat the colors!

It was really fun tie dye-ing. Good thing I actually tried doing it. All thanks to Saab! :)

Thank you Mom and Dad for buying the materials. Thank you Jaja for taking the photos. Haha.

So, what can you say about it?
Tinay xx


  1. Cool!! I did this back in my elementary days for a project.. but instead of pouring, I dipped it so that there are no white spots remaining.. :)


    - Justin -
    The World According To Me

    1. Cool! That's a very different way of tie dyeing :)

  2. Great DIY post! I wish I had the patience for these kinds of things. Love your blog btw! Following you now :)

    1. It's really easy to do! Doesn't need a lot of patience actually. Haha.
      Thanks! :)

  3. I can never do this! Pero galing sis, and ang tiyaga mo! :) GOODJOB!

    The Misty Mom

  4. nice diy and it's so easy!!! hmmm maybe I'll try this one since i got a lot of dyes hehe.

    Love, Maria

    1. You should! It's really easy. And you don't want to put those dyes to waste. :)

  5. Your first tie-dye looks amazing, I did a bunch of swatches for one of my design classes and it's definitely a lot of fun. I did more experimental tie-dye but your first design OMG you got it so right.

  6. would like to ask if its okay to just dilute the dye in lukewarm water then proceed with dyeing and not bring it to a boil and add salt as indicated in the venus packaging...