Saturday, November 24, 2012

It's Not Summer Without You

Before you continue reading, I'd like you to read my book review on the first book of this trilogy first here.

I was able to finish the book last Wednesday night but I only find the time to blog about it tonight. Very sorry about that. Been really busy with school lately and all the preparations for our upcoming bazaar. But nevertheless! Here's another book review to all my constant readers who love reading books like me. :)

From the title itself, it's a romantic setting on a summer season. Basically, here's Belly, together with her brother Steven and Mom, who spends her summer her whole life at some summer house with two brothers and whose mother is bestfriends with Belly's mother. Well Belly likes one of the two brothers, which is Condrad, but he's such a mental and can't decide if he really likes Belly, while on the other hand, the other brother named Jeremiah, likes Belly like no other but she can't see it and sees Jere as a friend only, even as a best friend. But not in this book. There's a very huge twist at the end! You need to read it to find out.

I loved it! But not as much as the first book. :( I think it's because all that Belly was thinking about is herself. How selfish can she get? But nonetheless, the thrill and kilig vibes are still there.

I know this is a lowsy book review. Hahaha. I'm in a hurry now, sorry. I promise to make it up on the next book! And I'll start to read the last book of the trilogy later and I promise to make its review better. And I mean really better. See you soon lovelies!

Would you love to read it too?
Tinay xx