Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Book #1: From this Day Forward

Happy 2013 readers! :)

As soon as the clock hits 12 am of 2013, I started reading this book by one of my favorite Pinay writers, who wrote one of my favorite trilogies, Marla Miniano. I've been a huge fan of hers since my first year in college. She never fails to amaze me with her unique sense of "kilig." <3

And this page smacked me right in front of my face! Talk about getting personal! Hahaha! Why do I have to read a book that exactly describes me??? Whyyyyyy. It is very timely! Reading this exact page exactly on New Year's Eve! Just one of those days when I feel so sorry about myself. Haha. :P

So anyways, here's the first book for my 2013-50-books-goal, From this Day Forward by Marla Miniano.

When a couple gets married, it isn't just their lives that are thrown into chaos.

For Nicholas and Nala's wedding, there's the mother of the bride who is forced to face her failed marriage; the mother of the groom, who revisits the past - and an old love; the bride's best friend who has lost the only boy she thinks she will ever love and with him, all her happiness; the bride's cousin who fooled around with her boyfriend's best friend (who inconveniently turns out to be the groom); and the groom's sister who cannot understand her brother's choice of a future wife.

Surrounding the bride and groom's happiness are the heartache, joys, hopes, dreams and realizations of the people who care about them. It makes you think: does everybody get a chance at happily ever after?

I kinda had a hard time relating myself to the book though because it was all about getting married and I'm not even in a relationship to get into marriage. But I sorta like it too, you know. The book is not really that of a one-plot story. There were different stories from different people and they somehow relate to each other. Each story has its own set of characters and unique plot but are interrelated. It's like within Nicholas and Nala's relationship, there were a LOT of people involved. But they ended up getting married anyway despite all the people involved in their relationship.

The ending is quite cute and sweet. I was imagining the scenario of the ending thoroughly. And I find it really cute. :)

It didn't have that huge "kilig" factor but it was good.

Rate: 4/5

Remember my Goodreads goal? I am aiming to read 50 books for the year 2013 and this is the first book I got to finish this year. So far I have finished 4 books exactly, and will be starting on my 5th pretty soon. Hope you all can keep updated and interested! :)

Tin xx


  1. the book sounds interesting. I just got married a little over a year ago and still trying to figure out how marriage changed my life because people usually ask how does it feel to be married and I dont usually have an answer because it does not really feel that different.

    1. It is! :)
      Cool! Hope your married life is doing well. :)