Monday, November 8, 2010

Children's party!

I've been to children's party for two consecutive days. And I still wish that I'm still as young as them. But sad to say, that's never gonna happen. So void to hear that tho.

Anyway, last Saturday, we've been to Belaisah's first birthday. Expected this to be bongga because it's the first birthday. It was held at Siena's, Anitpolo. Pink-ish party! Lots of kids were there, of course. They had clowns, a Hello Kitty mascot and a photo booth.

Part 2 was last Sunday. This time, the party was a little bit far, Batangas. It was Don's 7th birthday.

Left Manila at 11.30 and arrived Batangas around 2. The party started at 3 in the afternoon. The children went all the way to the pool and had the best times of their lives!

Then there comes the singing of the birthday song and blowing of the candles, the usual. Everyone's favorite, eating time! Right after eating, followed the different "seven's." There were I think 7 "seven's" for him. Like what debutants have during their 18th, the 18 roses, candles and treasures. For him, it was 7 candles, 7 gifts, 7 angels, 7 wines, 7 envelopes and 2 more that I totally forgot.

There were tons of people! The number of the kids equaled the number of the adults. Like wow!


And that was a wrap!

PS. Suddenly I wanted to become a kid again. :))

-Tinay xx

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