Thursday, November 18, 2010

Math Amazing Race

UST Education High School is celebrating their Math Week and it's the 60th.

Fourth year Math Pre-Service teachers prepared a Math Amazing Race for the highschool students, plus us, third year Math Majors.

We were asked to wear colored shirts depending on the color assigned to us. We were to guide the students on the race. But not teach them.

Assembly at the 4th floor lobby of Albertus Magnus at 12:50. At 1 pm, each team has to create their own-made cheer. There are 10 groups by the way. And I'm on the green team. Yay! My favorite color. :)

First clue was given. RUUUUUUUUUN!

So, on the race itself.

Imagine the race was university wide so it was really tiring! Running from one place to another. UST is really big so we had a hard time going from one station to another station.

Like what happened to us on our first station. We went straight to Beato from Albertus Magnus, wrong. From Beato to the fountain, wrong. From the fountain to car park, wrong again. And finally, botanical garden.

Our first station, sudoku. Second station, have to type without looking at the keyboard. Third station, sing and dance the Angle Song. Fourth station, walk with garters gripped on their legs. Fifth station, CPU parts. Don't have to elaborate each station anyway.

Despite all the running, we won 4th place! GREEN TEAM WON 4TH PLACE!!! Not bad! Not bad at all!

I'm so proud of my team. The 4 highschool students I am with and the co-math majors, Fran and Louise, I was with. We did it! :)

Right after the race, my legs were killing me! And my feet! I fell like they're going to be detached from my body.

But no worries, I'm pretty fine now. Just a little tired. That's all.

I enjoyed it! It was my 4th amazing race in UST though. The first one was also a university wide while the other 2 were just around our building. But today was different. And more challenging!

So right now I'm excited for next year's Math Week. Obviously because we're the ones whose going to manage it. I'm so excited! Hahaha. I wonder what we'll do. Hmmm. You'll see. :)

-Tinay xx

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