Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Highschol has never been this good.

Some people say the real world comes after high school, but high school is as real as it gets. There are many life-defining moments in high school and you have to be around people you don’t like, overcome challenges, build friendships, put up with the gossip, the rumors and the drama.

Three years have passed. Some of us haven't seen each other for the passed three years. Some were out of any communication at all. Some were like nothing. But after last Saturday night, we were as one again. One batch. One friends. One team.

You may notice that our batch is composed of different core groups, like the Drop, NIECK, Double7, Everything Nice, PCD and etc. We are still considered as one group though. No matter what group one belongs.

The plan was, it was supposed to be held at Paul's place and was supposed to be a costume party. But at the first week of October the organizers decided to change it to a casual-slash-semi-formal party and is to be held at Basilica Cafe.

On the day itself.


Band played.

Drink relay - boys.

Drink relay - girls.

Suck and Blow - crowd's favorite.

Dinner was good. The food tastes good. Iced tea for everyone. Nachos for dessert. Yumyum!

Our batch-band played together with Kim. They played Careless Whisper with Kim on violin for the lead. Allen sang King of Leon's Use Somebody using Paramore's rendition. Joenan sang Hey, Soul Sister with the help of the crowd. Funny, though. Haha. And a mixture of Chinoi and Jojo at the end.

The drink relay for boys, from the name itself, was supposed to be a relay but ended up not relay. The first participant got to drink the wine all by himself. Vicente won! Drink relay for girls was a success! Jannine and Trixie won. Last but not the least, Suck and Blow. I even join so I won't miss out the fun. There are 10 contestants per group, 5 girls and 5 boys each group. We are to form a line, alternating girls and boys. The thing is, we have to pass the card using only our mouth until the last member. The last pair are to bring the card in front and shoot it to the glass they'll found there. And booyah! Our team won! Hahaha. I never thought we'd win. But we did. So yeah!

And since they lost, they have to suffer the consequence. :)

Then the crowd goes wild!!!

Party till the AM. Ended at 2.30 in the morning. We were all wet with sweat! Haha!

Highschool has never been this good. Gaaad I love you guys!

Till we meet again, my friends. :)

-Saint Joseph School, 2008

-Tinay xx

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