Monday, November 22, 2010

Jingle Bowl Tourney: Day 1

My second tournament in my football career (naks). And probably my last.

Sad to say I'm not that excited for this tournament, unlike our first one. Maybe because I already know what to expect.

My new team, Santa's Little Helpers or in other words, Reindeers!

I kinda miss my old and first team tho, the Undrafted. They're my first football family and I miss them big time! :(

Moving on, I love my new team and we've got new members from TU. Welcome you guys.

We're back to our football home, Circulo Verde. I know that getting there and going home from there is pretty much a huge hassle for me. But never the less, I have to come every Sunday.

Team warm-up.

TU's tent.

Center. Line vs Snapper.

This man's killing Ibu!

Here are some of my shots, from Kuya Drei. :)

Of course, meet my team, Santa's Little Helpers.

Hi Edward. So happy? Haha.


Our team's first day fairytale:
We ended the first day with a 2-3 standing. Our 2 wins were luckily because of our opponents who didn't come so we won them by default. How lucky! Early Christmas gift we say. We don't do trainings TOGETHER, that's why we obviously lost all our remaining games. And fucking sad to say I injured my left ring finger! I can't move it or anything. The girl snapper was a monster. I can't stand her! Ugh. If ever we meet again, I'm sure I'll double the pressure on her. I swear. Revenge is the key!

Well, that's pretty much on our first day.

God bless TU! God bless the BFLC!

-Tinay xx

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