Friday, January 21, 2011

Do I still have a chance?

As a part of my everyday routine, Tumblr primetime, I saw this photo suggesting an everyday exercise plan. No more second thoughts, I have to do this.

But then again, do I still have a chance?

Help me, Lord. If others can, why couldn't I?

I remember going to the gym every MWF and Saturdays a year ago. It became my hobby! And I really did loose weight. But time came when I had to be very busy with my school errands, I had to stop.

And by this time, I really miss going to the gym. The relief feeling right after gym, I miss that. The sweaty shirt while on the treadmill, I miss that. The hard dance routines that I find hard to perform, I miss that. Everything that I do in the gym, I miss them all.

Well I hop this time, this exercise plan will help me to restart.

I can do this!

-Tinay xx

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